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5 Tourism Newsletters That Tour Operators Should Subscribe to Today

More than ever tour operators are looking for staying updated and finding new ways to thrive in the industry.

For that reason, they rely on the internet to learn about digital marketing, attend online events, find partners and exchange knowledge with their peers.

The problem is finding reliable sources of information is hard and time-consuming. Especially considering that in a single second 24,000 gigabytes of data are uploaded to the Internet!

Instead, why not receive a curated list of the most relevant content for you straight in your email inbox?

Subscribing to one or multiple tourism newsletters is something every tour operator should do. Not only for staying updated but also for not miss an upcoming event or a business opportunity.

To help you with that, we have selected 5 tourism newsletters that you should subscribe to right now. If you are not already a subscriber of them.

1. Tourpreneur Daily Brief

Tourpreneur daily brief tourism newsletter cover

This daily tourism newsletter is a complete source of the latest tourism news. From travel trends to technology, you will get in your email everything that is relevant for tour operators.

Tourpreneur Daily Brief’s content is curated by Shane Whaley, a veteran of the travel industry for over 20 years who also hosts the TourPreneur Podcast.

The newsletter also has a career opportunity section with open job positions for the industry. That is very helpful considering the crisis we are going through.

You can subscribe to the TourPreneur Daily Brief clicking her.

2. The Weekender by Arival

This newsletter delivers relevant travel industry news and thoughts on your email on a weekly basis. What makes it different from the others is that The Weekender is organized by Arival.

That means the newsletter is also filled with upcoming events, insights, travel data and industry-defining content for tours, activities and attractions.

In my opinion, the biggest plus of this tourism newsletter is receiving information about Arival webinars, forums and conferences (online for now), straight on your email.

Join now their newsletter here.

3. Orioly Tourism Newsletter

This is the tourism newsletter that we send every two weeks to our contact base.

By signing up you will receive our latest blog articles, industry news and other curated content related to the tours and activities sector.

We cover topics such as digital marketing, direct sales, distribution channels for tours, how travel businesses can cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more.

If you are using Orioly as your online booking software, you will also get the app releases firsthand and other relevant company news.

Subscribe to our newsletter here!

4. Mini Briefing by The South East Asia Travel Show

South east asia travel show tourism newsletter logo

The South Asia Travel Show is a podcast that analyses inbound, outbound, domestic and intra-ASEAN tourism in depth. So does their newsletter.

This Mini Briefing is meant for travel businesses or anyone interested in the South East Asia tourism market.

That is the best way for you to stay updated on the real-time travel situation of those countries and also receive digestible related content in your inbox, such as insights, data and specialized analysis.

If you operate in at least one of the 10 countries of this region, or if you are targeting them, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to this tourism newsletter.

Fill out this form to receive every Friday the latest news on the South East Asian travel market.

5. Local tourism boards newsletter

Have you ever accessed your regional DMO website before?

If your answer is no, I recommend you to do that right now and look for a newsletter form.

DMO newsletters usually contain relevant news on the local tourism market, insightful data, upcoming events and other useful information for local travel businesses.

That is all you need to boost your local bookings during this pandemic.

Visit Scotland is an example of a national tourism organization that sends the latest regional and national news to their subscribers.


Staying up-to-date is essential nowadays, and signing for a tourism newsletter is one of the best ways of doing that.

However, each newsletter has a different approach. For that reason, you should choose the ones that make sense to you and your business.

If you liked this list you should also take a look at the most popular tourism podcasts that you should be listening to.

Also, join our LinkedIn group for tour operators to receive more content related to online sales and to engage in discussions about the topic.

Thank you for subscribing the newsletter

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