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Advantages of Using Online Booking Software [eBook]

There comes a time when every tour operator, tour guide, or activity provider needs to invest in their tour business. Capabilities of modern technology and software are greatly expanding. Especially when it comes to the travel industry.

So why not use it?

To better explain what’s an online booking software, what does it do, and how can it help your tour business, we’ve created a 35-page long detailed eBook as your guide.

Advantages of Using Online Booking Software

The eBook covers everything from advice on how to pick a booking system that best fits your business to implementing an online booking system, as well as the benefits of using one to manage your bookings and sell more tours online.

In the Advantages of Using Online Booking Software eBook you can find the answers to the following topics:

  • Introduction and travel statistics
  • What’s a booking software
  • Why use online booking software
  • What to look for in an online booking software
  • Benefits
  • Orioly booking and distribution software solution

Advantages of Using Online Booking Software eBook is intended for tour operators, tour guides, small travel companies, and activity providers, as well as for anyone interested in the travel industry, technology, and new travel software.

Advantages of Using Online Booking Software - Orioly

What does it mean for tour businesses?

Travelers want to be able to research, make reservations, and buy packages online from the comfort of their home. And tour operators and activity providers must keep up with the latest travel and tech trends.

Online travel sales are growing year by year. In 2015, the largest cut of online shares was in North America, most of which was through mobile and desktop sales.

Orioly ebook - Advantages of Online Booking Software

Also, the trends are changing and new ones are emerging. For example, back in the day, only young folks used the Internet. Today, even the elderly people, between ages 55 and 75, shop online.

Online travel marketplaces such as TripAdvisor, Viator, Expedia, 8 and GetYourGuide emerged and are now the most popular travel destination and accommodation websites. The sales are up and there are so many opportunities for travel professionals to earn a nice living and grow their business in the tourism industry.

What seems to be the problem?

It poses a question how can tour businesses stand out. The market is saturated with various travel offers, activities, and all sorts of attractions for tourists.

  • How to attract more customers?
  • How to offer tailored tours?
  • How to create a unique offer?
  • How to increase online sales?
  • How to manage marketing and sales on a limited budget?
  • How to find a booking software that’s simple to use?

Online Booking Software Benefits

Find the answers to all these questions and more in our free eBook that you can download here:

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