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The Best WordPress Plugins for A Travel Agency

WordPress invites you to ‘extend your WordPress experience with 52,918 plugins’, but what are the best WordPress plugins for a travel agency? Some travel agents are probably not sure what WordPress plugin is. We’ll help you out! ☺ 

WordPress is a website building platform. It has many plugins that make it easy to optimize. Whether a travel agency’s website is made from the scratch, or you purchased a WordPress theme – at some point you’ll need some plugin. You’ll need it to make your website more suitable for travel business.
In this article, we bring you a list of the best WordPress plugins for a travel agency. We’ve categorized them by the purpose.

Essential WordPress Plugins for Travel Agency’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the best-case scenario, you have maybe 10-20 seconds to capture your web page visitors’ attention. If even that much. There is so much content to choose from and nobody wastes their time on pages that don’t offer the best one. Tour operators and activity providers should pay attention to this as much as everyone. For those who would like to know more, here’re some really great SEO tips and tricks.

The Best WordPress Plugins for A Travel Agency, wordpress plugins for business, orioly, gogle analytics

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights allow you to connect your WordPress website with Google Analytics. By using it, travel agents can see what tours and travels are viewed the most and where are your visitors coming from. All of that is very valuable information, so you can keep them coming back. It’s a no-brainer, you have to have it.

The price of this plugin varies from $39-$199, depending on your needs.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO one of the most popular and most downloaded among WordPress users. Its simplicity and effectiveness made it one of the best WordPress plugins for a travel agency.
After installing Yoast SEO, you get new options for editing articles. Yoast SEO will walk you through many of the important elements like the SEO titles, meta descriptions, and effective keyword usage. It helps travel agents to write better content and improve their travel website’s SEO on all needed aspects.

Yoast SEO is free, but more options are included in the Yoast SEO Premium package that cost €79 per month.

WordPress Plugin for the Spam Protection

WordPress Plugin for the Spam Protection, travel agency, wordpress website, orioly, plugin


If a travel company runs a blog, sooner or later it will get comments with suspicious content. There are two options to fight against such comment spam. First, you can fight against them by completely blocking comments below your blog. Or you can install Akismet and let him fight the latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by the world’s most proficient spammers. Because you have better things to do.

Akismet offers the Basic plan for free. More options are available in paid plans – from $5-$50 per month.

WordPress Plugin That Embeds 360° Panorama to A Travel Agency’s Website


When a travel agency promotes their offer, they are publishing lots of photos from their tours and travels. That way, they’re telling a story that website visitors compose in their mind. While watching at 360° panorama, people could visualize themselves being there. The only thing standing between your awesome travel, or a tour is a ticket. So, they buy it.

PanoPress plugin is free. It’s fully compatible with iOS, Android, and other mobile or tablet devices which support HTML5 or Flash.

WordPress Plugin for Online Tour Bookings

Orioly Book Now

Earlier we mentioned online visitors want to buy your tour after seeing a 360° panorama, but your website doesn’t have an online booking system. We got you covered!

Maybe you didn’t know – besides writing amazing blog posts, Orioly is actually an online booking solution for tour and activity providers. Orioly Book Now plugin enables quick and easy implementation of a ‘book now’ button to travel agency’s website.

Orioly Book Now WordPress plugin is free to use, but it requires an Orioly account.

The Best WordPress Plugins for A Travel Agency, orioly

WordPress Translation Plugins for Going Multilingual

The chance to attract more travelers is a reason good enough to offer your website in more than one language. Having a multilingual site creates opportunities to reach different markets. Unfortunately, WordPress does not offer support for running a bi- or multilingual website. However, there is a wide range of great plugins to help you bridge this language barrier. We’d like to recommend only the best of them for your travel agency.

WPML plugin

WPML is the most popular WordPress plugin for translation services. It allows travel agencies to translate all content associated with WordPress sites or blog: posts, pages, tags, categories, etc. This plugin offers support for more than 40 languages.
Price varies from $29-$195 per year. For $195 you get a version with a lifetime support.


Polylang is a free alternative to the WPML. If you are migrating to Polylang from WPML, note that there is a migration plugin that will help you transfer the data.

How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Many?

There are many plugins that you can add to your travel agency’s website if you choose. Be careful which ones you add and how many you add to your site. Many plugins can cause your site to slow down. Some plugins can also cause conflicts with other plugins. Adding the best WordPress plugins for a travel agency I’ve mentioned above will make your website search engine friendly, faster, and safer.

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