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Blue Nautica is a company from Trogir that offers water and boat tours.

It started as a charter business that also offers diving & rescue services, performing extremely delicate missions to retrieve sunken ships. Nowadays, they also offer diving classes.

They are also known for having installed an underwater Via Crucis made of ferrocement, which is entirely eco-friendly.

In oder to automate their administrative tasks and add the option to book online, they have been using the Orioly Start package for one season now.


Simplify the booking process, provide guests with an easy reservation and payment interface, and improve their sales results.


The Orioly Startup package includes everything they need to succeed.

A Book Now Button was implemented on their website, allowing guests to find all the information, book and pay for services online.

Digitalizing the booking process saved them time, since a confirmation e-mail and reservation documents, such as invoices and vouchers, are automatically sent to the guest.


Additionally, Google Analytics is included in the Startup package, which provides information about how many people have visited their website and clicked the Book Now Button, i.e., how many made a web reservation.

By using Orioly, they can easily set up their payment gateways, access their booking record, database, GA tracking, add new products, and update the existing ones.


In principle, digitalization has no obstacles.

We are satisfied with the entire concept of the system, as well as with the support, which has proved to be excellent.

Customers are happy with our services, and our online booking process now is very simple, which contributes to increasing our sales. We are more satisfied, and so are the guests.

Marija Banden, CEO Blue Nautica
quote We wanted to optimize business tasks in general. Our sales process was accelerated and we saved significant time by implementing the booking system.

Customers of our services see the booking process itself as the second step in their experience with us, so it is important that everything goes smoothly and easily, and of course that everything works correctly.

Marija Banden, CEO Blue Nautica

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