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Fun family aqua park

With its ideal position on the Adriatic, Dalmaland encourages the curiosity of a large number of visitors, and its attractions introduce a new world of adventure, adrenaline, and top entertainment.

About The Client

Dalmaland is a fun family park in Biograd na Moru. It has been advertised under this brand since the beginning of 2023, but lovers of theme parks surely know about Fun Park Biograd, one of the most popular summer theme parks on the Croatian coast.

During the summer months, it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors, and from 2023, in addition to death trains, labyrinths, fun trains and cars (for all adrenaline seekers, we highly recommend the “Tornado” and the “Alien” train), they also opened an Aqua park for family holidays with lots of slides and happy sounds.

In 2023, Orioly and Dalmaland set up online ticket processes and enabled the distribution of Dalmaland park tickets to local hotel partners.


Fun Park Biograd is a regionally known brand that decided to take a step forward in digital sales. The challenge before them was rebranding, and at the same time they wanted to introduce a quality online sales process and make it easier for employees at the entrance to scan tickets.

In addition to all of the above, the Dalmaland management also initiated the installation of a new ERP system.

The rebranding process began at the end of 2022, and it was necessary to coordinate the work of several teams and to ensure simple placement of products on the new website.

Also, it should be kept in mind that this amusement park is a partner of a large number of hotels in the region, and it was necessary to ensure a flawless process of booking hotel partners’ tickets for their guests who want to visit Dalmaland.


The Orioly product team, in cooperation with the Monri ERP team, which is Dalmaland’s partner, developed an additional upgrade that enables the synchronization of data between the ticket offices at the entrance of the park, and at the same time, Dalmaland can sell tickets through its new website using the Orioly booking platform.

In the same way, they can also distribute tickets through their hotel partners, all through the Orioly online booking system and with the help of the Orioly backoffice manager.

In a short period of time, we enabled Dalmaland to sell various ticket packages for their amusement park, which resulted in excellent sales results. The fact that the opening of the Aqua Park was earlier than the planned date indicates that the project was more than successful!

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quote In a short time, Dalmaland successfully introduced a new solution for cash registers at the entrances and connected it to the Orioly booking system, which supports online sales.

It is also enabled to book tickets through hotel partners, all using the Orioly solution.

The first year brought great results, and we expect even greater improvement in the coming years!

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