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Bosstrips is a family tour operator from Bahamas that sells unique VIP tours and excursions in Nassau. Their offer ranges from scuba diving, quad, and eco tours to banana and parasail rides. They are running a successful tourism business since 2007, and in 2021 they decided to enable online reservations for website visitors.


Convert visitors who landed on their website but did not complete the booking process into customers.


After setting up their account on Orioly and adding a Book Now button to each of the tours on their website, Bosstrips noticed an increase in the number of leads by tracking them through Orioly interface. Overall, Orioly makes online booking easy for both operators and guests, which is supported by positive feedback on the booking process.


Bosstrips has provided guests with a simple booking checkout which allows web visitors to instantly send an inquiry while reading tour details. Thus, they secured higher revenues for their business because they simplified the user experience, which was crucial for visitors to decide to become guests on their tours.

*One of the benefits of using Orioly is that the contact information is recorded in the system for incomplete bookings. This way you can reach the potential guest to check why they did not finish the reservation process and eventually offer help or of a discount to close the deal.


I would recommend Orioly to any business in the tourism industry because it is designed to make the booking process seamless. You are able to set up your tours easily and it has the ability to provide multiple departures and add-ons. No matter what size your business is, Orioly can help to make it better!

Salvan Turnquest, President

quote I decided to go with Orioly because the reviews were great, the price points were attractive & I liked how the company’s staff interacted with me in terms of answering all my questions and providing additional information about the company.

Salvan Turnquest, President

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