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Landscape of the beautiful and rural Moslavina region

Do you want to take a walk in the beautiful, tame nature, experience local gastronomy, visit the “Lonjsko polje” nature park, a hotel for bees or perhaps the most famous pumpkin fair in Ivanić-Grad? Head to Moslavina!

About The Client

Moslavina is a continental region in central Croatia that offers a wonderful rural experience, not only for the weekend, but also for longer periods. In recent years, Moslavina has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy beautiful nature, mountain trails, good wine and rural tourism.



In 2021, the five tourist boards of the Moslavina region decided to start the process of rebranding Moslavina as a tourist destination, and as part of that, start the process of digitizing the tourist offer of Moslavina.

This meant the inclusion of five tourist boards in one project, which will result in a platform for displaying all the local experiences available in Moslavina.


Together with the branding team of the Moslavina project, Orioly launched the Moslavina Experiences platform.

This portal was created on our guest experience platform TourExplorer, where together with our partners we presented all the important things that you need to see and experience in Moslavina. In addition to tours and excursions, it is possible to view the best wineries of Moslavina, the best accommodations that are the backbone of rural tourism in Moslavina.

All listed tourist entities can independently manage the availability of their capacities through the Orioly booking platform. Also, the platform offers promotion of local events and concerts.

We are proud to have helped Moslavina get on the digital tourist map!

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quote Moslavina is a hidden gem of Croatian tourism, and by partnering with a group of tourist boards representing this region, Orioly enabled the launch of the Moslavina Experiences platform.

Moslavina Experiences enables a simple and complete presentation of the tourist offer, as well as receiving new reservations from tourists from any part of the world.

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