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Get to Know Why Videos Are Hot Content to Sell Tours Online

Imagine if a video of your activity or tour could single-handedly persuade someone to come to your destination. The power of video is essential in today’s tourism marketing efforts and harnessing this power doesn’t have to cost a lot, but an effort needs to be made.

YouTube is the social media in which 79% of people search for travel inspiration, of those, 67% have yet to select a destination.

Why should I record a video to promote my tours?

Videos have the unique ability to show potential customers exactly what type of product you are offering, often much more effectively than photos.

With the use of first-hand perspectives, you can show your guests the quality of your work while giving them a taste for what they can expect during the experience. This is more impactful, and therefore more persuasive, than traditional photography or copy; helping potential clients book much faster.

Take this video of Mountain Ram Adventures as an example. It shows where trekkers sleep, what they eat, how beautiful the destination is, and also the impressions of locals and tourists regarding the place. It is very inspiring!

Additionally, videos can be made to ensure that your company’s voice and branding are showcased accurately and effectively. Which easily helps clients connect with you, your brand, and your mission.

In the case of Life of Taiwan, an introduction video clearly shows the clients what potential activities they can enjoy during their time in Taiwan, while also hearing from experts and others why they enjoyed their visit to Taiwan so much.

What should I show on a tour video?

There is no perfect formula for creating a video, however, there are a few things that might be useful to include when considering video content.

Focus on the guides or people who will be taking care of your customers, also, dedicate part of your video to show your guests having fun on your tour or simply living the experience. User-generated content (UGC) is an amazing way to create free content that displays the experience from the guests’ perspective.

BusTravel Iceland really knows how to do that!

I’ve got a video, now what? Spread the word!

Once you have created your tour video, there are many different ways and places it can be utilized. Besides YouTube, posting content onto your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts is a good way to catch your audience’s eye.

Facebook has recently reported that its users spend three times longer watching videos than reading and engaging with text-based content.

Facebook has also reported that only around 15% of their videos are watched with sound, this makes subtitles essential.

A great tour video has the visual capacity to convince someone to book without the use of audio or spoken word. This might be more challenging, but the reach you will get by doing that will compensate for all the hard work.

Gray Line‘s promo tour video “Into the Glacier” has no spoken words and leave tourists wanting more with its amazing footage.

Following the Facebook trend, content on Twitter is six times more likely to be retweeted if it contains a video or image. The hypothesis here is that videos visually take up more screen space, which readily catches the viewer’s eye.

A good idea to engage further on Twitter is to break up the full length of the video into smaller clips that can be tweeted out. This will encourage customers to visit your site or other social media pages to view the full content, driving traffic and gaining interest in the process.

How about my website?

Another perfect spot for your tour video to live the post-production is on the banner of your website. It will be the first thing guests will see when they visit it, clearly showcasing your stunning products and experiences.

This will give customers a clear idea of what you do and how you do it. As a consequence, they won’t need to spend much more time exploring the site to get a feel for your company, instead, they can move right to booking!

I hope that I convinced you that video is a useful investment to make a better first impression on potential clients and a powerful tool for social media marketing.

Now, check out the best digital marketing practices in tourism and have your videos featuring in your next campaign!

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