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How to sell multi-day tours online with Orioly

Going on a multi-day trip is an adventure in itself, but behind the scenes, there is a complex process that determines the success of the tour. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can make it easy for guests to book multi-day tours online. By automating organizational tasks, you save time and ensure a flawless experience for your guests.

IMPORTANT: Only for tours with predefined departure dates!

Imagine a booking process in which guests can easily select a day of departure from a pre-defined calendar. Predefined dates not only make the booking experience simple but also allow tour operators a structured approach to tour planning.

In this way, you create a sense of trust and control between you and the guest who follow clear steps during the booking process, getting all the necessary information about the tour.

What information you provide to the guest

After you have defined all the essential parameters for your multi-day tour, you need to enter the data in the Orioly online booking system. Creating a departure is very simple and through it, you define the information that will be visible to the guest.

It is necessary to enter the period of availability and specify the day of departure, time of departure, and prices. In addition, you can also enable guests to reserve extras such as optional additional excursions, or souvenirs. Orioly also allows you to receive feedback from the guest, for example, about what type of room they want or a note about meal preferences.
This proactive approach not only shows commitment to guest satisfaction but also the fact that the tour operator wants guests to return.

Create different price categories

Satisfy different guest preferences and add multiple price categories that will help personalize the experience. Guests can thus choose a combination that is in line with their wishes, for example, in addition to the standard option, you can also offer all-inclusive.

In this way, you will enable a bigger selection and simplify the process of organizing the tour itself, and you will have complete information about what exactly the guest wants.

Track departures in one place

The Orioly dashboard provides you with a visual daily, weekly or monthly view of upcoming departures and enables tour operators to effectively manage by printing a list of departures with details of each individual reservation.

In addition to the calendar within the dashboard, it is possible to monitor occupancy, quickly close a departure, or manage availability. Since decision-making is data-driven, a streamlined view with added functionality will protect you from potential overbooking and make each departure a coordinated and enjoyable experience for both parties.

Post-booking edits of reservations and inquiries

Adapting to the ever-changing needs of guests, the ability to edit reservations and inquiries is a game-changer. Within the Orioly system, you can subsequently change the number of guests by price category, add passenger fees and supplements, and then send the guest a new confirmation email with a payment link to pay the difference.

Adaptability not only meets the expectations of modern travelers but also demonstrates that the tour operator is focused on the guest and their needs throughout the booking process.

Enable multiple payment options

Making multi-day tours more accessible to a wider audience includes the possibility of different payment options. However, there are also organizational reasons for the above, as some multi-day tours require a deposit to secure a place on the tour or to rent a service in advance.

The Orioly online booking system allows tour operators to enable online percentage deposit payments. It is important to know how to generate a link for online payment so that the guest can subsequently pay for a seat on the desired experience based on the request.

Through Orioly, you can also enter the payment manually and thus record multiple transaction or cash payments, which is ideal for those who enable payment in installments in these ways. It is this option that ensures that adventure is within reach even for travelers on a limited budget.

Submit itinerary and cancellation policy

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful tour. In addition to automatically generated reservation documents, such as invoices and vouchers, the guest must also receive other important documents. In the Orioly application, you can attach the itinerary that will arrive as an attachment to the confirmation e-mail, and you can also add a cancellation policy to it.

We advise that you do this in order to encourage transparency and build the trust of your guests, and ensure that they are well-informed and prepared for every aspect of their trip. How to automatically set the documents you want to be sent with the confirmation e-mail, read here.

Ensure a seamless experience with reminders

To make your booking process flawless, conclude it with a travel reminder. Since a multi-day tour is often planned well in advance, timely reminders ensure that guests are prepared, from payment details to departure details and everything that needs to be prepared and brought on the tour.

The e-mail automation functionality also includes sending e-mails after the tour in which you can ask the guest to leave a review and evaluate their experience, which, if you did everything flawlessly, will certainly bring in new guests.


Optimizing the organization of multi-day tours today needs to be carried out through the automation of tasks. Not only will you save time, but you will also create a stress-free experience for your guests.

By creating ready-made package arrangements with predefined options and departure dates and enabling a simple booking process, you will set the stage for unforgettable adventures. Therefore, stay one step ahead in the highly competitive industry of organizing tours and activities and take into account our tips that, combined with the Orioly booking system, will contribute to the successful organization of a multi-day trip for guests.

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