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How can I add a booking widget to my HTML website?

Within this article you will learn how to implement the online reservation system onto your website. If you have a dedicated team that manages your website, we recommend that you share this article with them.

If you have not yet, start by copying the HTML code for your desired widget. If you are unsure how to get the code you can refer to the previous article How do I find the widget code to add to my website?.

Once you have copied the code for the widget go through the following steps:

  1. Open up the .html file of your websites project
  2. Find the location where you wish to add the button
  3. Paste the previously copied code and save the changes 

Please note that if you are looking to implement multiple buttons on the same page it is recommended that you move the script bound to each of the buttons to the end of the <body> tag. And make sure to remove the script tag from each of the buttons.

How to simplify adding multiple buttons

  1. Copy the HTML code for a single product.
  2. Separate the script from the copied HTML code.
  3. Copy the remaining code for the button and place it as a placeholder for any number of buttons you are looking to add to a single page within your .html file.
  4. Generate a HTML code for a second product.
  5. Instead of copying the whole HTML code copy just the data code.
  6. Find the previously pasted button that was used as a placeholder within your .html file.
  7. Replace the data code on the button with the new data code.
  8. Repeat for every product.

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