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How can I add a User account?

In this article you will learn how to create a User account for your employees to whom you want to grant access to the majority of the features within your supplier account.

  1. Click on the main menu option and navigate to the My Profile page
  2. On the side menu navigate to the Users tab
  3. Click on the Add user button
  4. Fill in the general information for the new user role and change the Role option to User
  5. Click on Save

After you have completed the above steps, an email will be sent to the user for whom you just created an account for, through which they will be able to complete the setup for their account.

Set limitations for the user account

  1. The user can’t make any changes to the activities that have been added to the account
  2. The user can’t delete the contacts listed under the Contacts section
  3. The user has no access to the Analytics section
  4. The user has no access to the Coupons section
  5. The user has no access to the Channel Manager section
  6. The user has no access to the General Information, Subscription or Users section
  7. The user only has  access to the Translations section under the main Settings

Removing an existing user account

In order to delete an existing user account you should do the following:

  1. Navigate to the My Profile page on the main menu
  2. On the side menu select Users
  3. Click the Hamburger Menu icon (three dots) and choose the Delete option

After completing these steps the user will be removed from your company’s account and their account deleted.

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