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How can I add product information?

Within this article you will learn how to properly fill in the information on the first page of creating your product. This article is applicable to all three product types that are available in the Orioly application.

If you are unsure on how to start the creation of your product, you can reference the How can I create a new product? article.

When looking at the General Information step the following information can be added: 

  1. Title – here you will add the name of your product that will be used across the application and used by the online reservation system. An example would be “All day biking tour”.
  2. Duration – here you will define the duration of your product. You can define the duration in minutes, hours or days. 
  3. Description – here you will describe your tour with short or a long description, and can include information as is displayed on your website.
    Note: Currently the description is only used within the Orioly in-app marketplace.
  4. Payer information required – here you can disable the option that will, require you to add the payer information when creating an offline booking or not require it if left disabled. This feature only affects in-app bookings.
  5. Add photo – here you can add a single photo that will represent your product in a visual manner. This photo will be used across the application, in confirmation emails, and is not a part of the online reservation system.
    Note: Maximum file size for the photo is 1MB, and recommended dimensions are 1270*728 for the optimal sizing of the image.
  6. Add documents – here you are able to add additional documents such as ToS, Itinerary or additional photographs. The recommended format is .pdf and can not exceed 1MB in file size.

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