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How can I create a new product?

Within this article you will learn how to create a new product and the types of products you can create.

Creating a new product

On your initial signup you will be presented with a few Onboarding steps that will help you get started with the Orioly application.

One of the initial steps on the Onboarding process is the creation of a product. Select the option and choose between the available product types:

  1. Tours & Activities – create sightseeing tours, wine tours, boat tours and much more. This type of product is for activities that have predefined departure dates and times. Can be defined as a single day or a multi-day departure. This type of product is the most commonly used product type among Orioly users and is mosty used for daily tours, multi-day tours, kayaking tours or any other product that has predefined departures.
  2. Events & Attractions – create products for museums, concerts, escape rooms and other attractions. This type is primarily used for products that have predefined arrival dates with arrival/start times being defined by the company business hours.

Other ways you can create a product are : 

  1. By navigating to the Products section by clicking on the second icon on the main navigation.
  2. By clicking on the “Add New” icon located at the bottom of the navigation bar and selecting the Activities option.
  3. By clicking on the “Add new product” option on the main Dashboard that is displayed there as long as there are no products currently added.

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