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How can I create offline bookings?

Offline bookings are reservations made outside your website, that is using the Orioly environment. You can create an offline booking when your customers reach you through a phone call or if they are at your physical location.

In this article, you will learn the steps of creating an offline booking using Orioly.

Basic instructions

  1. Login to your Orioly account then click Bookings.
  2. On this page, you have an overview of all the bookings created. Click Add new booking to start the process of creating a new one.


  1. Select the product from the list.
  2. Select the departure date.
  3. Select the departure time (if applicable).
  4. Navigate to the next step by clicking on the Next step button.


Note: Uncheck Details not needed if you want to add detailed information for each traveler.

  1. Add the number of travelers for each of the available price categories.

Fees & Add-ons

Note: You can skip this step if you don’t need to add/remove anything from this page. Check our glossary if you are not sure about these terms.

  1. Add reservation fee – if you want to add new / additional fees to this booking you can do so by clicking on the Add reservation fee.
  2. Add Traveler fee – if you want to add new / additional fees to this booking you can do so by clicking on the Add traveler fee.
  3. Add Add-ons- if you already have add-ons set up, and you want to add it to the booking you can do so here, alternatively, you can add new ones to customize the booking.
  4. Click Next step when you are done.


  1. Add in the payer information (applicable if you have enabled it on your product).
  2. Fill in the answers to any questions you asked (answers are mandatory)
  3. Click Next step when you are done.


Note: Read the article How can I add a payment to a booking? to learn how to add payments to a booking.

  1. Add a payment if you need to or
  2. Click Finish to end the process, create a reservation and complete the offline booking.
  3. After completing the booking you can send a confirmation email or print/download some important documents related to it (quote, voucher, booking or all of them).

All bookings created, online and offline, are available in the Bookings section for further consultation.

How can I update the number of travelers on a booking?

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