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How can I define a group price or discounts?

Within this article you will learn how to set up group prices and discounts for your price categories. 

If you have not yet defined your price categories you can learn more about how to define them in this article How can I add price categories?.

There are two types of discounts you can define, one discounting the original price of your price category by a defined percentage or by defining a fixed value discount

For each of the discount types you will also need to define the range for which the discount will be applicable to as well as the accompanying price.

When it comes to the Group price option, regardless of the prices you have defined on the individual price categories, as long as the number of taken slots / tickets falls into your defined quantity range, the group price will have priority and will be the one that is applied. 

Note:  Even with this option enabled you still have to have individual prices defined on all of your price categories.

Note: Defining the Quantity range (e.g. From: 1 | Up to: 4) means that the effective range for the discount will be from 1 to 3, and the 4th slot will not be included in the discount. Value – set the value of the discount or the value of the group price.

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