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How can I promote my tours with Orioly?

Besides being an online booking and management software, Orioly also works as a complementary tool for your marketing. With it, you can put into practice your promotional strategy and expand sales channels.

In this article, we will give you an overview of Orioly functionalities that you can use to promote your tours.

Orioly marketplace

You can find potential resellers from all over the world in our in-app B2B marketplace, which makes it a great resource to expand your sales channels and find new business partners.

If you want to start with the marketplace, read the article How can I add products to Orioly marketplace?.


With Orioly you can create discount coupons for your products and set the desired discount amount in a percentage or a fixed value.

Once you have your coupon created you are ready to promote your offer on your website, social media, through partners, and offline media. This is a great way to warm up sales during the low season.

Check out the article How can I create a coupon? to learn how to create a coupon using Orioly.

Group discounts

If you run products with a large number of seats you can use a group discount strategy to increase their occupancy.

Learn how to set up a group price or a group discount using Orioly in the article How can I set up a group price or a group discount?.

What Orioly can’t do to help you promote your tours

  1. List your products in a B2C online marketplace: Orioly isn’t an online travel agency (OTA), which means that it doesn’t include an open marketplace that customers can browse through and book your product.
  2. Promote your products on Orioly’s website: Orioly website is dedicated to its own software promotion and sharing partner’s content.
  3. Share your tours on Orioly’s social media: Orioly social media is used exclusively to share company and partners’ content.

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