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How can I see departure details?

You can have an overview of all the departures on the dashboard’s timeline. There you can set filters and have a detailed view of the departures for your products.

In this article, you will learn how to use Orioly’s dashboard and manage your departures.

Basic instructions

  1. Login to your Orioly account or click Dashboard.
  2. On this page, you have an overview of all the upcoming departures. Click the departure you want to manage.

    Tip: When you have many departures or if the departure you are looking for is too far, you can use the Filter by product, Filter by occupancy, or use the Calendar to easily find it.

Departure page

  • Occupancy status: The number of travelers booked for the selected departure and the total number of spots.
  • Resource: If you have any resources bound to the departure, they will be listed here.
  • Due amount: This is the sum of all values due for the selected departure.
  • Total payments: This is the sum of all values received for the selected departure.
  • Booking table: The first information you will see is a table with all the bookings, their status, payer details and other information.
  • Quick book : Create new bookings directly from the departure page
  • Attendance: You can confirm the departure attendees with the checkboxes next to each of the bookings.
  • Departure list: You can generate and print the departure list by clicking the Print icon next to the “Quick book” button.
  • Editing bookings: If you need to update the information of a booking for the selected departure, click the Three dots button > Edit booking

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