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How can I set up Payyo?

Note: If you do not yet have a Payyo account, check here the countries and currencies that are supported or the commission charged for transactions here.

Payyo is a payment solution specialized in the travel and leisure industry, and for that reason is quite popular among tour suppliers.

If you work with Payyo, in this article you will learn how to set up this payment gateway in order to collect payments for your online bookings.

Basic instructions

  1. Login to your Orioly account then click Settings & Preference on the top-right dropdown menu.
  2. Find Payyo among the payment gateways, and click Add Gateway.

Setting up Payyo

Your Payyo account will be bound to Orioly, and you can only use it within the Orioly application.

To request a Payyo account you should:

  1. Read Payyo Terms and Conditions.
  2. Check the box in case you have accepted it.
  3. Click Create Account.

Once your Payyo account is created, it will be automatically linked to Orioly and you can start using it. 

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