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How Can the Book Now Button Save You Time?

This blog will explain to you all the benefits you get from adding a Book now button to your website.

If you run a tour and activity business, then you have certainly encountered one of the following situations:

  • You receive too many emails
  • Tracking all bookings and payments is a challenge for you
  • If you use OTAs, not all channels are aligned with you, and overbooking has occurred
  • There are often last-minute cancellations or guests do not show up at all

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Are you already dreading the upcoming season because of all the administrative tasks?


The advice we have for you is to add a Book Now button to your website and allow your clients to book and pay for your services directly online.

What is the Book Now button?

The Book Now button consists of just a line of code that can be easily added to your website.

During a webinar we organized in March, we demonstrated how easy it is to embed a Book now button on WordPress websites 

Here’s a video clip from that video.

Adding a button to your website will allow your visitors to see the tour’s availability, price, departure time, and add-ons (such as lunch, souvenirs, etc.) with one click when booking.

Your potential guests have all the information available to them without you interfering and wasting your time by replying to each individual query yourself.

Imagine how much time you will save.

What are the benefits of the Book now button?

Here is an example. Your website has a beautifully designed contact form that a visitor can fill out to contact you. Through this form, he will ask you several generic questions, such as:

  • Is the tour available on a specific date
  • What is the departure time of the tour
  • How many people can participate in the tour
  • Do they need any special equipment
  • What is the price of the tour
  • Is the tour suitable for small children
  • Where is the starting point
  • etc.

Imagine you get 10 inquiries like this in one day. You have to respond to each one of them separately, without knowing if the user will ultimately decide to take your tour or not. That would be both time-consuming and costly.

As a result, if you choose to implement a booking system on your website and enable a Book now button, all the information will be available in one place. They will be able to book right away.


Forget the inconvenience of receiving different questions regarding your tours and make sure that your customers are receiving all the necessary information prior to booking a tour with you.

Your website reflects your tours and your offers. Your business aims to provide your guests with the best experiences possible, show them the splendor of where you operate, and follow the trends that will make managing your business easier.

We designed Orioly for a small and medium-sized tour and activities operators working in popular and developing destinations. With online reservations enabled on your website, you open up another sales channel, which in the digital era greatly affects the number of bookings you take

Research and statistics

A year ago, we conducted a survey of almost 600 Croatian tourism entities to find out how many of them are using any booking system.

The results were staggering: Only 17% of the websites have an online payment system, and of those, 7% lack a functional Book now button.

Can you imagine how many more guests would be in those destinations if 50% of these entities enabled direct booking on their websites?

Another study has shown that 99% of people searched online exclusively for local business information in 2021. Why would you want to miss out on a chance to be found by so many interested people?


It’s time to get started and make it easy for all guests to find the information they need. Additionally, if we wish to position ourselves as a modern and affordable tourist destination that wishes to delight visitors with its local attractions, we must keep up with trends.

Make sure to turn your website visitors into your guests directly from your website. Don’t let all your efforts go down the drain because no one knows about your business.

Contact us at or try with Orioly here.

We wish you a successful season.

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