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How do I start with Orioly?

When you log into Orioly for the first time, it is a good idea to get familiar with the software and its features. 

In this article, we will present Orioly’s main features and give you tips to make the most of the application.

Quick tour

Get familiar with the basic sections of Orioly.

  • Manage your account: On the top-right side of the application, you can click on your profile picture to manage your subscription, users, settings and more.
  • Add new button: Located on the bottom-left corner of the application, you can use it to add your products, create bookings, coupons and contacts.
  • Main navigation: Located on the left side of the application. Through it, you can track daily departures on the Dashboard, add Products, manage Bookings, see Contacts, review Analytics, connect Channels and bind Resources.
  • “How to use” button: Located next to your profile picture, click it to easily navigate to the documentation for the application.
  • Live support: Located on the bottom-right corner of the application, use it if you have any questions.

Account setup – Invoicing

Before adding products to Orioly, we will also do the initial setup of all the important information for the documents that will be generated with each of the bookings, as well as additional information that will be included with the confirmation emails sent to the buyers of your products.

On the section Setting > Invoicing we will add your terms of service (ToS) and your logo, and later you can add notes as well as other document information.

Check the documentation section Booking Documents to learn more about adding additional information to your documents.

Orioly Marketplace

Use this section of the application to promote your products to resellers and increase the number of your sales channels. 

Learn more about the in-app Marketplace through the articles How can I promote my tours with Orioly? and How can I add products to Orioly marketplace?.

Discount code

It is common to give discounts when promoting tourism products. Use Orioly’s coupon feature to create a discount code to be added during the booking process.

Learn more about creating discount coupons in the article How can I create a coupon?

How can I create offline bookings?

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