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How to Enable Guests to Book Additional Activities with Accommodation?

Travelers and tourists often choose their destination based on the activities they can experience while on vacation. After selecting a destination, they research the available accommodation.

Guests typically use online platforms to book accommodation, allowing them to make decisions based on their needs and preferences. Nowadays, it is common for accommodation providers to offer guests the option of booking additional activities along with their stay.


Nowadays, accommodation facilities should offer guests additional activities when they book their accommodation.

A Collaboration for Overall Success!

Accommodation providers can invite experience providers, such as travel agencies, tour guides, and other activity providers, to become partners. This collaboration enhances the overall guest experience by offering a range of activities at the destination.

Once a partnership is established and legal agreements are defined, accommodation providers can become affiliate partners of travel agencies or experience providers that use Orioly.

Affiliate partners refer potential clients to a specific website to purchase products or services featured on that site.


How to Activate an Affiliate Partnership through Orioly?

A travel agency or activity provider using the Orioly booking system can request our team to generate an affiliate link and QR code for their partner. This partner could be a hotel, camp, apartment, or any other type of accommodation facility.

Accommodation facilities should place their QR codes in common areas such as the entrance hall, lobby, rooms, dining room, terraces, and corridors. This way, guests have easy access to a complete list of tours, experiences, and activities.

When a guest scans the QR code, they are directed to the experience provider’s website, where they can make reservations for specific activities at the destination.

The travel agency or experience provider receives the reservation and can track which accommodation facility it originated from. The affiliate QR code and link enable tracking of the reservation source, and the Statistics section of the Orioly interface provides reports that serve as an excellent accounting basis for calculating commissions for the accommodation facility.


IMPORTANT: This approach differs from the partnership described in Orioly features part 3. – Partnership and Marketplace. In this case, the affiliate partner does not have access to the free Orioly agent account.

Benefits of This Collaboration:

  • Guests can more easily decide to book accommodation that offers additional activity options.
  • Better utilization of tourist resources at the destination through mutual networking of tourism stakeholders.
  • Achieving a competitive advantage.
  • Generating additional income from commissions on tour and experience sales.
  • Excellent marketing potential for attracting new guests.
  • Automated experience reservation processes, making the host’s job easier.

The availability of additional experiences and a streamlined booking process can encourage guests to extend their stay. An extended stay, driven by offered activities, increases income. If you, as the host, provide an overall positive experience, your guests are likely to return and recommend your accommodation to friends, family, and colleagues.


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