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How To Grow Your Tour Business Via Online Marketing [Infographic]

Are you struggling with the idea of how to grow your tour business through various online marketing channels and strategies?

For starters, your goal should be to provide an effective, reliable, and cost-effective marketing strategy that will boost your tour business.

So let’s see what you have at your disposal:

  • Content marketing
  • Content curating
  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Online booking systems
Learn how to grow your tour business via online marketing - Orioly blog

Our team even put a nice infographic to help you visualize specific tactics on how to grow your tour business via online marketing. You can download it for free!

Content Marketing

Content marketing, when used properly, should act in your favor. The most important thing is to prioritize your content.

There’s a ton of new content being published daily on all sorts of topics so avoid overwhelming your target audience with excessive information.

Telling a good story is still the key to getting people to notice you. That means you need to create quality content on the matters relevant to your audience and clients.

Have in mind that longer content still ranks better than short blogs.


Because lightweight content just isn’t enough, especially if it has no value for the readers.

Remember: aim to provide useful information.

Not every content needs to be promotional. Produce different types of content; one that adds value and is informative, the other that’s educative and uses easily digestible facts, and the third that’s entertaining.

Refer to this article for more detailed information on content marketing.

Repurposing Old Content

As Larry Kim, CEO at MobileMonkey, would phrase it, new content is created at an enormous rate and people are having trouble digesting it all. This phenomenon is called the content shock.

That’s why it’s sometimes wiser to repurpose older content to get more juice out of it. For example, if you have a piece of content like a blog post that went viral, you can expand it and turn it into a comprehensive eBook.

Grow your tour business with Orioly

Also, you can create infographics, visuals, trivia, or interesting how-tos to attract new followers while saving time.

Re-post your old blog posts on social media.

The Atlantic successfully does this. What they do is they share their old content on Facebook. So if someone missed their blog from 2015, they can check it out since the topic isn’t time-related.

Content Curating

Another way to engage your audience is to offer curated content. That content must be both entertaining and relevant.

You might think:

“Okay, why should I share other people’s content on my social media?”

Remember what we said about providing useful information? That’s why.

And you can always add your comment or opinion before you hit the publish button. It’s all about engaging with the topic as well as your audience.

Social Media

While running your tour business, apart from having an optimized website, having an online presence is crucial.

Use your social media account such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to tell a story about your business, tour offers, and services.

When someone goes on the Internet and searches, for example, for your tour guide business, travelers are interested in your website and social media posts.

Through your Instagram profile, potential clients can see all those posts with fabulous pictures from your journeys and guided tours a few months back.

This allows people to get to know you and your business without even seeing you. They get to see what kind of tour business you run, how much time you devote to organizing tours, and also they get to see other people’s commentspreferably, positive feedback from your clients.

Grow your tour business - social media channels

Facebook has a special section on your page devoted to reviews. Potential clients of yours can check out how other travelers were satisfied, or God forbid, dissatisfied with your services.

All that builds up your reputation and trustworthiness.

Social media can also be used as a platform to promote and advertise your tour offers.

There are a dozen social media tactics on how you can use different social networks to attract a following and boost your sales, here’s one that you might find useful – 9 smart social media tactics to dominate 2018.

Online Advertising

There are a lot of ways in which you can advertise your tour business.

Through different advertising channels, you can succeed in increasing your online bookings and website traffic, as well as building your brand awareness.

Online advertising campaigns - Orioly

Email Marketing

According to Statista, more than 90% Americans use email.

Online marketing - Grow your tour business - Orioly blog

Online Booking Software

Travelers need to be able to research and find everything they need online such as the option to make online reservations, pay for services online, and buy tour packages in a few clicks.

For this to happen, you need to implement an online booking system.

Online booking systems transform your website into a key selling point. That is to say, the role of an online booking system is for a tour business to get more bookings.

Grow Your Tour Business With Orioly

For example, with the help of our Orioly application, you can grow your business by successfully managing both offline and online bookings, as well as avoiding the following headaches:

  • How to increase sales?
  • How to find a booking software that’s powerful, but also easy to use?
  • How to attract more customers on a limited budget?
Best Online Tools for Tour Operators - Orioly - Booking software

To solve the above-mentioned problems, the Orioly team developed the Orioly application which has a whole range of features which help you administer and manage your bookings.

Check our pricing plans!


What online marketing strategies do you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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