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Introducing: Exclusive FREE Distribution Of Tours and Activities

This summer we’ve been working hard to offer more distribution channels to our clients. Now we are very pleased to offer our providers of tours and activities a great deal with the Top Travel Club from Vancouver, Canada. 

To its members, TTC offers ‘outlet’ prices in over 100 countries. This is actually a family of 4 global clubs we’re talking about here. They are,, Travelzcard and Hotelset. All for one family membership fee.

The Club does not sell travel or take reservations. It does not take commissions or fees from its listed travel and tour operators.

All Club members handle their own arrangements directly with the listed tours and activities operators. By doing so they use the unique Top Travel Offers or Promo Codes provided by the listed tour operators.

So, the Club puts their traveling members in direct touch with local tour businesses for ‘outlet’ prices.

How Does it Work for Tour and Activity Providers?

At no cost, TTC will promote your tour listing to the members of all the 4 global clubs in the TTC family of clubs. Simply offer direct booking discounts, outlet prices or unique member-only deals.

You can create your own TopTravelVouchers, Promo Codes or Custom Pages with text and pictures. Then you get listed and linked by Destination and Travel Activity on the TTC website.

Interested in hearing more? Here you can read all about the FREE account registration and NO COST promotion and sales for tour and activity providers.

Benefits for the Providers of Tours and Activities Summed Up

There is no commissions or fees for you as TTC does not make money off your sales. Listing your tour or activity offer on the TTC puts your tour business in front of million of its members. Remember, there are four global clubs in the TTC family.

Now, it is the same case as with any other online travel marketplace. Listing your tours and activities there does not mean simply leaving them there. Passively waiting for the bookings to come will probably only bring disappointment.

Take an active role and promote your tour and activity listing regularly. Do it on your social media pages and social travel groups. Use your newsletter, emails and other online sources. Only one type of a distribution channel is never enough. Be active online in front of your target audience all the time. Be where they are.

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