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Is Your Destination Ready for Slow Travel?

Remote work has come to stay. Data says that remote workers are more productive and big companies have plans to keep employees working from home indefinitely.

To give a dimension of how this type of work has increased during this year, right now, working out of office represents two-thirds of the American economy, and every day, more and more companies are adhering to this practice.

The flexibility and freedom of remote work result in a work-life-travel blend. People living this lifestyle are either looking for increasing productivity or getting away from the urban chaos caused by the pandemic.

That represents a great opportunity for increasing hotel occupancy, especially because those who work while traveling tend to stay longer in a destination.

For them, long stay packages that mix work with leisure are a very attractive offer. Another option is schoolcation packages, tailored for travelers who need to travel with their children, who are also doing their activities online.

The search for an immersion into the destination is also a factor that leads people to mix work and travel.

For that, DMOs should invest in amenities for travelers to feel at home. Installing internet at key spots and assuring essential services, for example, markets, shops and exercise areas, are important to make the destination attractive.

Positioning the destination for slow travel also brings great advantages for the local community. The tourists’ flow becomes more equally divided over the year and there is a reduction in the packaging waste.

For destinations looking for attracting slow travelers, finding a niche segment can be the way. This way, it is easier to offer travelers exactly what they need to travel and work.

Another tip is to target travelers from big urban areas close to your destination. Considering that international travels are low due to pandemic restrictions.

Finally, invest in smart solutions for your local tourism ecosystem.

Become a smart destination is a way to give remote work travelers access to everything your destination has to offer. 

We at Orioly can help you with that. Meet our innovative solutions for destinations and learn how to make your destination smart.

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