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Founded in 2017, Fenix Adventure has specialized in kayak tours and kayak rentals around Dubrovnik and Lokrum island.

The experience they offer allows tourists to enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik’s walls and the island of Lokrum from the sea, guided by a local guide.

They keep the high-quality standards of their services even during the peak season, and because of that, they are consistently the first choice among the competition.

For two seasons, they have been using Orioly Growth Package with great satisfaction.


Centralize all their bookings coming from different Online Travel Agencies — Tripadvisor, GetYourGuide, etc. — in one dashboard.


Through Orioly Channel Manager, they consolidated all sales coming from different channels into one place, reducing overbookings and other common problems of managing bookings on different platforms.

Additionally, guests can pay for their reservations online instantly.


Being able to manage all their OTA sales channels from one calendar is just one benefit they experienced, now, they can also add and manage additional booking agents as users.

As a result, all sales channels – online and offline – are unified.

With the introduction of the Orioly system, they now have a central booking calendar in which they can easily follow new bookings, manage their services, and fix any issues if necessary.


The Orioly system significantly improves tourism. This is especially true for us and our activities for guests.
The ability to connect to a variety of payment providers, to connect calendars with the most popular OTA services, and to manage reservations easily.
Aside from the Orioly system’s technical capabilities, I must also mention the Orioly team’s professionalism. Their support is outstanding, problems are resolved promptly, and I never felt like a burden, but like a partner.

Dejan Besir, CEO Fenix Adventure
quote By creating a website and implementing the Orioly booking system, we enabled reservations online and in advance, i.e. before guests arrive in Dubrovnik.

I also know from my business experience that younger generations, as well as older ones, enjoy online information, shopping, and planning.

Dejan Besir, CEO Fenix Adventure

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