Effective Marketing Strategies Supported by Tour and Activity Software

Marketing Strategies Supported by Tour and Activity Software

To use effective marketing activities, one needs to cover all aspects of internet marketing. Tour providers should focus their marketing efforts so they get the most out of them. Inbound marketing is something you can’t do without, no matter how small you are. It is also useful to know that a good tour and activity software can help in that respect.

Your tour and activity software should already have a helpful marketing feature

Content and experiences you create become a true spokesperson for your business and you should let them speak. Let’s take a look back to your brand. Yes, your tour or activity business should be a great small brand instilling trust into every traveler that you would create a memorable experience for them. Marketing takes time, so do create a brand. But if you focus on the essentials, you should be able to align a few important wheels in your business machine and simply set up a branding platform. It shouldn’t take much time to outline the concept which will help you to understand better where to focus your efforts and how to communicate important messages to your customers.

Another important step to cover your basics is having a nicely designed website. Your website should be your marketing and sales machine so make sure it works as such. Responsive web is a must, which will ensure your customers can access your business on any device. Usual benefits you will experience after launching a responsive website include huge jumps in conversions, transactions, and revenue and large growth in mobile traffic. Besides being responsive, your website must show that you offer a trustworthy activity service and that your customers got their money’s worth.

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The biggest focus for a small business and purpose of your inbound marketing is lead generation. But you don’t want to attract just any leads, but the warm leads looking to become your satisfied customers. What you have already set up in your branding platform is now helping you find the right message to attract the right customers. There are dozens of tactics how to do this. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  • word of mouth (customer reviews and referrals)
  • blogging
  • SEO
  • social media
  • networking

And if possible, try getting a story about your activity business published in a tourism related or a general publication. All of these underline how important a great and effective customer service is. The key is to create memorable experiences with your customers and develop relationships which will help establish your activity company as a business that customers want to buy from.

Don’t forget to set goals and measure those goals. Track what is happening on your website, how your customers perceive your business and how you can improve parts of your strategy that don’t perform so well. Marketing strategy must be aligned with your goals and constantly adapted to what is happening, in reality, to get the best out of marketing efforts.

For business owners, marketing is more of a time investment than a financial one. The time is scarce, and focus is on various business activities. But please keep in mind it is dangerous to avoid doing or improving marketing. Not an easy task but not that hard either. Mostly it takes time. And that can be solved by automating processes, that can be automated, like accepting bookings online, taking care of a big chunk of administration or social engagement. Do automation properly and you will have more time for the tasks you need to deal with personally. It doesn’t hurt to check if your tour and activity software includes that feature already.

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