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Is Your Tour Company Following the Most Popular Travel Trends in 2017?

How’s promotion and sales of your tours and activities going? Will you manage to achieve the goals you planned for this business year? To make sure your tour company is going in the right direction, remind yourself quickly about most popular travel trends in 2017. And try to adjust your offer, according to what’s trendy this year in the tour and activity sector!

The Most Popular Travel Trends in 2017

Most people check their smartphones 150 times per day, or every six minutes. Moreover, 46% of smartphone users say that their devices are something they couldn’t live without. Backed up by these stats, we can say we are hooked on our smartphones more than ever. It’s a real digital addiction. Everything has to be photographed and put online instantly. So, it’s no wonder some of the most popular travel trends in 2017 grew out of this human behavior. We’re talking about:

Livestream & Provoke Curiosity of Tour Company’s Followers

As we predicted, livestreaming is a travel trend that is still growing. While scrolling through Facebook on your phone, you can see that live videos get higher engagement. So, it’s not surprising that YouTube Live appeared right after Facebook live. Today there are other providers too. Since a video is the best promotional tool for tour companies, you better start recording your adventurous tours and activities. Or you will get left behind.

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Online booking of tours and activities on the rise

Online booking of tours and activities is rising. And travelers would like to book their tours and activities online, directly on your website, preferably via their phones. But only 50% of tour companies have an online reservation system. Not to mention their website isn’t mobile optimized. Having an online tour booking software means listening to a travel trend. Online booking can be easily implemented on your website. So, consider implementing an online tour booking software to your website.

Augmented & Virtual Reality – Clever Tours’ and Activities’ Promotion

Pokémon Go introduced AR to a lot of people. It showed that there is a mass appeal for it when it is used well. Following this travel trend, tour companies are making short videos from their tours and activities. Later on, tour companies use those videos to create virtual tours and activities. That way they can promote their tours and activities by giving a little teaser and promoting their offer. So witty! It’s not surprising that virtual reality is among the most popular travel trends this year.

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Not everyone is thrilled with their addiction to smartphones. Exactly the opposite. Some travelers’ goal is to leave their phone behind once they made all their reservations and are ready to take the tour they booked. And relax. In line with that, some other travel trends developed. Have a quick and clear overview of the most popular travel trends in 2017, that will drive the global tour and activity industry.

Step 1: Download.
Step 2: Learn (or rehearse) the most popular travel trends.
Step 3: Adjust the tours and activities your tour company offers.

Simple as that!

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