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Introducing The New Version of Orioly – Tour Booking System

Booking system for tour and travel companies – Orioly is finally out! This week we released a new version. Our team is proud of how, and what we’ve built.

For the past few months, we’ve been collecting feedback from our clients and partners. We spent hours and hours talking with a dozen of tour operators and travel companies.

They shared with us what the most important part of a great tour booking system was for them. I would like to thank them all for their system, tour, travel, orioly, new version, release, online booking, passion

It’s always easier to build a great product when you have a client who gives you a great feedback. It’s extremely helpful to know how great technology makes tour operator’s and travel agency’s life and business easier. Here’s what’s new. 

Brand New User Interface And Great User Experience In Tour Booking System

In this release, we introduced a completely new user experience. The performance is excellent both on laptops and tablets.

Create new 

Whenever you want to create a new activity, booking or promotion, click the Create new button. Use the same button when you want to add a new discount coupon or a new contact. It’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of thought.

Dashboard screen

orioly, dashboard, booking system

The dashboard is your starting point. The first thing you’ll see when you log into Orioly. The new dashboard shows all your activities and departures. You can filter through by booking status and activity/tour type.

Creating bookings and activities

It gets much easier now. You can customize your tours, trips, and activities no matter how they’re defined. Orioly booking system for tour and travel companies doesn’t impose technological restrictions to your tour and travel offer.

Create Standard And Custom Bookings On The Fly

Orioly booking module

Adding new bookings became even smoother with this tour operator booking system. The module is improved and easier to use. You can include add-ons and extra fees on the fly without any need for changing tour information.

Your customer wants an extra bed or to try out local cuisine? It’s done with only a few clicks.

Your customer has an additional request, but is not able to come to your office? Just send them a payment link with the customized fee. The customer can pay straight away using PayPal. You can send a payment link anytime your customer needs to make a payment.  

Simple Integration Of Orioly Booking Engine

orioly, book now, plugin, wordpress, booking, system

We improved our WordPress plugin. Now you can add your booking button to your WordPress website as well as any other.

Connect your Orioly account with social media and automate your social media marketing.

We know it’s time-consuming to manage your social media profiles. Especially while you are out of office or on a round trip.

We’ve improved our promotion module, too. Now you can connect Orioly to your Facebook or Twitter account within seconds. Schedule your posts and tweets for the upcoming week. Then feel free to focus on your business while Orioly is handling your daily social media duties.

Attract Customers With Highly Customized Promo Codes and Coupons

We introduced some changes to our coupon module. It has more flexibility and you can apply a single coupon to many activities and departures. Much easier to use. Coupons can be used many times or a limited number of times.

Revamped Analytics Module 

orioly, booking system, analytics

With the new Orioly, you can add your booking options to your website in only a few seconds. Automate your Facebook posts, and add a coupon to your post. Orioly tour operator booking system will automate it and send it to your Facebook page. Your prospects will click and be redirected to your website with Orioly booking button. You can track and analyze all these payments and bookings in our redesigned analytics module. 

Faster User Experience

Last but not the least. New application works much faster. You can search through bookings by activity, payer or traveler, and by departure date. We added many useful details to make new Orioly better, faster and more helpful.

I could brag all day long but what we would really want is to hear what you guys think. Feel free and signup on Orioly website and try it for yourself.

You are the ones who need to tell us how we can keep improving Orioly experience for you. Feel free and drop me an email or a message. Let me know what you think!

The first new users of the new and improved Orioly definitely won’t be left unrewarded!

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Take care,

CEO and Founder at Orioly

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