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New Tool Allows Passengers to Book Experiences In-Flight

GetYourGuide has announced last month a new technology that will boost digital reservations within the Tours & Activities industry. The OTA has partnered with in-flight entertainment companies and airline companies to offer the first on-board booking service.

Now, Tour Operators can have their products at 30,000 feet!

The service is offered alongside the carrier’s existing entertainment system, such as movies, news, cabin services, destination information and games.

According to the companies involved, it will be possible to search for experiences and make reservations even though there is no internet connection.

Considering that the majority of travelers make their reservations once they arrive in the destination, being listed on GYG platform represents a competitive advantage of a few hours.

Talking about the near future, a similar system could be used for direct online reservations on board. This way tour operators could sell straight to passengers increasing their margins.

That can be also applied for destinations. DMOs could promote hidden gems and attractions within their own entertainment app before the tourist arrival.

So far, the in-flight booking system can only be used by aircrafts equipped with Immfly as a provider of connected digital cabin services. According to the company, in the next months more airlines will be equipped with the service.

News like that shows that the Tours & Activities industry remains relevant and receiving investments despite the downturn we are going through.

Good for the carries that will benefit from revenue share for each reservation made in-flight; for the tour operators that will have a competitive environment to offer their products; and for the destinations that will be promoted in front of a captive audience during a few hours.

Just remember that a complete sales strategy involves being found and having the traveler’s attention, before, during and after the flight.

If you are interested in direct online sales, check out our online booking solution for tour operators. With it, it’s fast and simple for your website visitors to book your products.

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