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Orioly features 10. – Incomplete status

The tourism industry has been experiencing a digital transformation since the Internet was popularized. Online booking for tours and activities is one of these new technologies. 

Booking software not only makes your offer more accessible but also speeds up the sales process. With it, guests can easily and quickly book and pay for the experience they desire through your website, and you will know the status of the reservation at any time.

There are six statuses in the Orioly online reservation system: Paid, Reservation, Inquiry, Deposit, Canceled and Incomplete. Within the Reservations section of the app’s main navigation, you can recognize and filter each of them.

In this blog, we will give an overview of the Incomplete status, the one that is assigned to incomplete reservations.

How does Incomplete status actually work?

At first sight, this status might sound negative, but actually, it is very useful. The Incomplete status indicates that the guest was unable to book your tour for some reason. With this information, you can quickly react and contact your guest and check if he needs help to complete the booking.

The Incomplete status prevents you from losing that guest and allows you to convert an unpaid reservation into a paid one.

Important: Incomplete status is assigned only after the guest has entered their contact information during the reservation process and becomes inactive during the confirmation and payment steps within the next 30 minutes.

There are many reasons for your guest to not complete the reservation, such as:

  • Personal reasons
  • Bad internet connection
  • They accidentally closed the browser
  • At the time of payment, the guest cannot find the card
  • Not enough funds in their account
  • Someone has rung the guest’s doorbell and is unable to complete the reservation
  • The guest does not know how to complete the reservation or does not have enough information about the tour

Whatever the reason is, both you and the guest will receive an email informing you that the reservation has not been completed. 

Mail to the tour operator (1)

The guest will receive your contact details in the email so they can contact you if need help to complete the reservation. On the other hand, the email you receive contains the details about the guest so you can contact them and check where the problem occurred.

Mail to the guest (1)

Once you have clarified the situation that caused the Incomplete booking to be generated, you can always convert it into a completed or paid booking.

How does the Incomplete status work in the Orioly app?

Let’s take a look at the steps you should take after receiving an Incomplete booking. But before pay attention to the following:

Always check if there is a reservation in the Reservations section that has the status Paid or the status Reservation containing the name and surname of the guest/payer who had an incomplete booking.

Now the most important part – how to deal with a reservation with Incomplete status.

When this happens, the first thing you should do is contact your guest and ask the reason why the booking was not completed. If he still wants to make a booking, simply go to Orioly and do the following*:

*take these steps so you don’t have to create a new booking

1. Click on the Reservations section in the main navigation

2. Click on the three dots next to the reservation with the Incomplete status for that guest

incomplete status orioly

3. Click on Edit

incomplete status orioly

4. If necessary, edit the reservation and/or go to the last step, Payment

incomplete status orioly 3

5. Click Save and at that moment the Incomplete status will change to Reservation status

6. After clicking Save, you will be offered the option to send the guest a Confirmation email with all documents (voucher), which will also contain a payment link so that the guest can pay online.

incomplete status orioly

7. This is what the confirmation email looks like:

payment link nakon promjene statusa

IMPORTANT: If you do not want to send a confirmation email, but only a payment link, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the three dots on that reservation and click on Payment

2. Then click Generate payment link

generate a payment link

3. Copy the link and email it to the guest.

    generate a payment link

    After the guest clicks on the link and pays by card, the reservation will change its status to Paid and the guest will receive a confirmation email with the invoice.


    With an online booking system like Orioly, you can avoid losing guests who tried to book through your website but were unable to complete the process. This allows you to contact them directly and provide support.

    The Orioly booking system is a simple and intuitive software that will make it easier for you to manage such tasks and enable better tracking of reservations. Contact us for more information at sales@orioly.com.

    Read more about Orioly features here:

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