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Orioly features 11. – How to increase the number of returning guests with Orioly

Probably the goal of most of your marketing campaigns is to attract new guests to your tours, but it might be a bad idea to focus all your marketing efforts on new customers alone.

Past guests are also an important segment you should pay attention to. This type of customer is one step closer to booking a new tour with you if they were satisfied with the experience with your brand in the past.

However, manually segmenting your guests takes a lot of time. Additionally, sending a notification to each of your contacts about a new offer, or inviting them to leave a review is not efficient, and you can easily lose track of all the work you are doing.

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A tool that can help you deal with these challenges is an online booking system such as Orioly.

Among a handful of features that Orioly offers, you can use our app to automate tasks, speed up processes, and improve communication with your guests and partners – this ultimately leads to a personalized approach to your guests, which increases the likelihood that they will book again with you.

Which features can help me attract past guests?

Below we listed a few Orioly features that can help you invite your past guests to come back for a tour.

1. Email automation

Email automation is one of the most useful tools you can use in your marketing campaigns. It allows you to easily segment your guests (i.e. new, old, domestic, foreign) and create emails with content that will be more appealing to different groups.

Example: A day or two after the tour, you can send an email to guests who participated on it, thanking them for joining your tour. At the same time, you can ask them to leave a review on one of the channels you are active on.

In this email, you can also add a link for them to book a tour that they haven’t participated on yet.

Use the email automation feature to prepare all the emails you want to send to guests who rejoin your tour in advance. This may include:

  • a booking confirmation email with associated documents such as invoices and vouchers, in which you will inform them that you have decided to give a gift, for example, a souvenir because they chose your tour again.
  • an email sent a few days before the tour in which you can thank them for their trust in choosing your tour company. In it, you can also describe what they can expect on the tour and how they can best prepare for it (what to bring, how to dress, etc.).
  • a series of reminders to make guests arrive on time and to improve their next experience.

Finally, given the amount of information you’ve collected from your returning guests when they join your email list, you can send them a birthday card and a personalized email with a discount code as a birthday gift. An offer like this would be hard to resist, right?

2. Creating a coupon with a promo code

Is there a better way to attract returning guests than giving a discount or a benefit? With Orioly, you can create promo codes, or coupons, which are great to re-engage past guests and reward them for their loyalty.

You can use coupons in various situations:

  • Offer them to your guests after a tour in order to get more reviews on platforms such as Google or Facebook.
  • If you are struggling to have past guests answer a survey, you can use discount coupons as an extra motivation to have it done.

You can also use discount coupons as a reward for past guests who recommend your tours to their friends or family. This strategy not only gives you new customers but also returning ones who will enjoy a new experience for a better price.

3. Add notes to the booking documents

The booking documents you send to your guests can also be a great way to promote other of your products.

Wondering how to do that? Simply add a link to the reservation document with a sentence inviting them to take an action such as: Join us on one of the following tours and insert a link that will show your guests all the tours they might be interested in.

You can also thank them for booking with your company and in the same message add a promo code that they can use on the next reservation.


With a good online booking system like Orioly, you can turn past guests into returning customers of your business.

If your guests have had only positive experiences with your brand before, there is a high chance they will book with you again, especially if you have new experiences to offer.

Do not forget to simplify the process of booking and paying for the tour through an online booking system such as Orioly.

For more information on Orioly features, click on the following links:

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