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Orioly features 12. – Booking statuses and confirmation emails

The latest trends in the tourism industry indicate that guests now prefer the convenience of online booking and immediate payment for their experiences. Tour operators require automation to streamline the process of sending confirmation emails, saving valuable time. Additionally, it is crucial for tour operators to be able to view and filter bookings by status, enabling them to easily identify paid bookings, outstanding payments, cancellations, and incomplete bookings.

Online booking of experiences

When we developed the Orioly system for online bookings, we made sure to provide tour, excursion, and activity organizers with a single platform to manage their bookings. As a result, we will outline the different booking statuses and describe the content of the confirmation emails sent to both guests and organizers for each status.

Booking statuses

Before we proceed, it’s crucial to understand the concept of booking. In the context of tourism, booking refers to the act of reserving in advance the use of a place, such as a spot on a tour, excursion, or a hotel room.

In some cases, simply making a reservation, such as for a restaurant table, means the place will be held for you with no consequences if you don’t show up. However, in other cases, such as for tours, activities, and accommodations, the reservation isn’t confirmed or guaranteed until you’ve paid a deposit or the full amount. If you don’t show up or cancel late, the service provider has the right to keep part or all of the payment, based on their cancellation policy.

To ensure that all booking scenarios are covered, the Orioly booking system allows tour organizers to automate their operations for bookings. Consequently, guests will receive a confirmation email and booking documents as attachments for every paid, partially paid, or unpaid booking. This applies to both bookings and inquiries, depending on the type or status. The email or document will enable the guest to request the service, facilitating transparent and simplified communication between the guest and the service provider.


So, in the Orioly system, bookings have 6 statuses:

  • Paid
  • Reservation
  • Enquiry
  • Deposit
  • Canceled
  • Incomplete

In this order, we will explain the meaning of each and provide examples of confirmation emails for guests and tour organizers, as well as the status of bookings with full or partial payment.


Here you can see the booking process for a guest who has paid in full.

After a guest has made a booking with online payment, it will have a “Paid” status in the reservation section. The guest will receive a confirmation email containing all the details, as well as the booking documents in the attachment – a voucher, an invoice, and additional documents such as an itinerary. The tour organizer also has the option in the settings to specify which booking documents will be sent with a particular type of email.

For every booking status, regardless of the reservation type, a confirmation email will be sent to both the guest and the tour organizer in real-time. The email will display details such as the person who made the booking, the tour reserved with the date and time of departure, the total number of people in each price category, and any additional extras reserved, as well as information about the payment made.

Additionally, the tour organizer will be able to access the booking directly in the Orioly booking system by clicking on the “View reservation” button within the email. In the case of a fully paid reservation, the email will resemble the image shown below.

Booking confirmation


After the guest clicks on the Reserve button and selects the date and time of departure, the number of people, and enters contact information, they can choose from multiple options that were previously enabled by the organizer in the system settings.

These are:

  • a reservation with online payment in full through the payment gateway, for which the reservation will have the status Paid, as clarified in the previous paragraph,

iIf the guest prefers, they can make a reservation only. This reservation will have the status of “Reservation,” and the guest will be able to pay for it later using the online payment link included in the confirmation email,

  • the third option allows guests to make an inquiry for a specific date and time of departure. They will receive a notification about the inquiry as described in the following text,
  • the option of booking is also possible with the payment of a deposit in a certain percentage, in our example below, in the amount of 50%.

How the selection of all the listed options appears to the guest when booking is shown below.

Reservation payment

If the guest chooses to only make a reservation and pay later, they will receive all the details in the confirmation email, along with a link for online payment of the entire amount.

Booking details - link for online payment

After the guest makes the full payment using the provided payment link, the booking status will automatically change to “Paid” in real time. The guest will then receive a new confirmation email that includes the paid amount and an attached invoice.


The next status of the booking that the guest can choose is “Inquiry.” This means that the guest will only make an inquiry for the selected tour, date, time, and number of people via the Orioly booking widget. The guest will then receive a confirmation email, and the tour organizer will also receive a notification about the request, which the tour organizer will then confirm by clicking on the “View Inquiry” button and save it if the tour can be held on the expected date and time.

Booking inquiry

This means that the tour organizer can view the booking, make edits, and confirm the inquiry to turn it into a booking by saving it. Once confirmed, the inquiry’s status changes to “Reservation,” and the organizer can then send a confirmation email to the guest with a payment link.


This payment option is perfect for tour organizers who want to allow guests to pay only a portion of the total amount when booking, and then pay the remaining balance a few days before the tour either online or in cash at the tour location. If a guest chooses to make a booking with a 50% deposit, they will receive a confirmation email with an invoice for the amount paid, and the booking will be labeled as “Deposit.”

The confirmation email will also include a link for online payment of the remaining balance. Once the guest pays the rest of the amount online, they will receive a new confirmation email confirming that the booking has been fully paid, along with an invoice for the second payment, and the booking status will change from “Deposit” to “Paid.”

It’s crucial to note that the tour organizer will also get a confirmation email for each of these actions. For instance, when the guest makes a partial payment, the email will include details about the payment received as well as information about the reservation.

Payment confirmation

If the guest chooses to pay the remaining amount in cash upon arrival instead of making an online payment, the service provider can use the Orioly mobile application to scan the voucher, add the payment to the system, mark the booking as Paid, and then send the guest a new confirmation email with an invoice for the remaining amount.


The “Incomplete” status allows you to keep track of guests who have started the booking process but haven’t finished it for some reason. With this status, you can reach out to the guest to offer assistance and potentially convert the incomplete reservation into a paid one later.

IMPORTANT: The reservation transitions to an Incomplete status 30 minutes after the guest enters their contact information, and is no longer active during the confirmation and payment steps.

Please also make a note of the following information.

The guest’s failure to complete a reservation can be attributed to various reasons, many of which are outlined in our blog post titled “Incomplete Reservations“. Regardless of the cause, both you and the guest will receive an email notification after 30 minutes, indicating that the reservation has not been completed.

The guest will receive your contact details in the email, enabling them to reach out for assistance if needed. Similarly, your email will contain details about the guest, allowing you to contact them and address any issues they may have encountered.

Incomplete reservation


You can change the status of all bookings to “Canceled” if necessary. Whether a guest is unable to attend a tour or the tour cannot take place, Orioly allows you to update the status of any booking to “Canceled,” regardless of its current status. Additionally, you can use the email automation feature to notify guests via email.

If a tour is canceled, it’s important to note that, based on your cancellation policy, you may either retain the full amount or issue a refund to the guest. For more information on what a cancellation policy is and why it’s essential, you can read our blog post “How to manage tour cancellations at the last minute.”


Orioly’s online booking system is a comprehensive solution for tour and activity providers. It helps them efficiently manage bookings and automate operations. Guests can easily book and pay for their activities online, while providers can clearly track the status of each booking—whether it’s paid, partially paid, pending, canceled, or incomplete.

Through different booking statuses, Orioly provides flexibility and transparency, facilitating communication between guests and organizers. This ensures better organization and management of business processes. Orioly improves the user experience and contributes to the efficiency and productivity of tourist service providers.

For more information on Orioly features, click on the following links:

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