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Orioly features 4. – mobile app

Mobile applications have become an important part of our lives. We use them for organization, entertainment, shopping, and work. The Orioly mobile app is no exception.

If you are a tour and activities supplier, it is certainly important for you to have insight into reservations, payments, and data updates at all times.

To complete tasks efficiently and quickly in the outdoors, you need a reliable solution.

Of course, the mentioned solution should be fast and efficient, and it should be implemented in a way that fits in your pocket so that it does not take up too much space.

Here’s where the Orioly mobile app comes in.

In this blog, we will describe how you can download, sign up and make the most of all functionalities it provides.

Advantages of mobile applications

If your business is more related to the outdoors than to the office, you will most easily perform tasks via a mobile application.

It allows you to solve potential problems on the spot if the area is covered by your mobile operator.

So, it allows you flexibility and mobility. It helps you manage your offer more easily.

Advantages of the Orioly mobile application

Orioly’s mobile application offers the following advantages:

  • When conducting a tour (especially outdoors), it is possible to manage reservations and departures on the spot.
  • You can view guest information
  • A simplified user experience that allows organizers to view all their departures in one place, through the dashboard, and add new reservations, as well as close departures
  • It is possible to add a payment, print an invoice, and send a confirmation email to the user
  • Scanning of the voucher (QR code) on the spot
  • For now, a new version for Android with additional functionalities is available, as well as a new version for iOS.

How to download and run the application

If you have Android, go to Google play, search for Orioly and click install.

Once the app is downloaded, you need to log in with your credentials, which are the same as for the Orioly desktop version.

Note: The mobile application is available exclusively within the Growth and Business packages.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-1 (1)

How to make the most of the Orioly mobile application

In the following, we will introduce you to the functionalities of the Orioly mobile application and explain how they work.


When you open the Orioly application, you will see a dashboard with all departures for the current week, which you can filter by products and occupancy.

The dashboard also contains a calendar that shows departures and occupancy for the upcoming period.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-2 (1)

By clicking on an individual departure, you can see the details of the tour, and if necessary, close the departure with one click.

After you have entered a specific departure, you can add a new reservation by clicking on “+”.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-3 (1)

You choose the number of guests, click “Next”, enter contact information, answer questions related to the guests (do they have any health problems, do they need a transfer, etc.), and indicate whether it is a payment by cash, credit card, or reservation. Finally, you can add payment notes.


When you click on reservations in the menu below, you will be shown an overview. You can filter them by period or status.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-4 (1)

This way you can see which reservations have been paid, which are still waiting for payment, which has received a deposit, which have not been paid at all, and which have been canceled.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-5 (1)

With the help of the search engine available in the application, you can quickly and easily find the desired reservations by guest name or tour name.

You can view each reservation individually and see details related to it, such as: the date and time of departure, the amount that has been paid or which guest still needs to pay. Also, there is additional information such as contact information about the guest or the answer to a question related to health problems or needs for transfer.

You can view the details of whether the guest has booked any add-ons to the tour such as souvenir shopping, lunch, or additional tickets.

Additionally, you can see what discounts are available for a specific reservation, as well as booking fees and fees per guest.

By clicking on the printer icon, you can print an invoice from the reservation or send a confirmation email.

The guest will also see a link for online payment if they want to pay by credit card. After making the payment, the reservation will be automatically updated and the status will be changed to paid.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-6 (1)


With the help of the Orioly mobile application, before the tour starts, you can scan the QR code on the guest’s voucher, the one sent with the booking confirmation email.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-7 (1)

This is a huge relief because you don’t have to be in the office to check the validity of the reservation and the payment status, and at the same time, you don’t have to think about an additional tool to scan the vouchers outdoors.

With Orioly mobile app you can do all that using your mobile device.

New reservation

By clicking on “New reservation” you select the product on which you want to manually add a new reservation.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-8 (1)

After selecting the product, you choose the desired departure and the number of passengers and then enter contact information and information about the reservation or payment.

If necessary, add a note related to the reservation and click “Finish” at the end.


By clicking on the three dots in the lower right corner, a window appears for information about a particular product, such as a description of the tour.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-9 (1)

You can then add a new departure to an individual product by filling in details such as the internal name that will be visible only to you within the application, and then the information that will be visible to the guest.

Enter an external name through which you can add two departure definitions, such as allowing the guest to choose whether they want to go on a full-day or half-day tour, and then add other information that is visible to the guest, such as the duration of the tour or the periods when it is available.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-10 (1)

After that, select active days and times of departure and add price categories (if it is a tour for adults and/or for children, set the price for each category and set the VAT rate).

Additionally, you have the option of adding group prices and discounts, including the option of a private departure, and setting the maximum capacity, i.e. the maximum number of guests who can attend the tour.

After you fill it all, click “Save”.

Orioly-mobilna-aplikacija-11 (1)


The Orioly mobile application can make your work in the field easier. This service it is available in Growth and Business versions.

With it, you can easily manage departures, reservations, payments, scan vouchers, and manage other administrative tasks in the field.

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