What is a widget and how does the Product List widget work

Orioly features 6. – What is a widget and how does the Product List widget work

Now that you are familiar with the main Orioly features and what they can do to improve your business, it’s time to meet Orioly Widgets and how to implement them in your website.

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What is a widget?

Widgets are small applications that are part of a bigger application. Their purpose is to provide visual information for users and simplify access to key functionalities within the application.

In short, they enhance the user’s experience on a web page by enabling some actions to be performed with one click.

Widgets are part of most applications you can find online. Have you ever used Facebook’s Like button? So, it’s a widget.

Orioly comes with several widgets that you can add to your website to enhance your visitors’ overall online booking experience. You can find a full list of them in our documentation.

Our most recent widget is the “Product List”. Get to know more about it and how it works in the next section of this article.

How does the Product List widget work?

The Product List widget is ideal for tour operators who offer several activities but don’t want to create a tour page for each one of them. It is also useful for those who want to display a group of activities all together on a single page.

The Product List widget is also customizable, which means you can adjust its default language, text and color accordingly to your brand.

EXAMPLE: Instead of creating a stand-alone landing page containing a single Book Now button for each of your tours, with the help of this widget you can have just one Book Now button on your website that will give your visitors direct access to multiple tours at once. 

lista aktivnosti widget orioly

This widget is not only helpful for your customers, but it is also a time-saver for your business. When you add tours to the Product List widget it automatically retrieves their information from the Orioly database in order to generate a complete booking checkout for your products.

Right now you can add a maximum of 14 activities to the widget. Each activity contains a description and tour details, such as what is included and what is not in the tour.

Guests can access the tour information by clicking the text below the activity photo. By clicking the Book Now button, they can make a reservation, send an inquiry or pay online right away.

The booking process is pretty straightforward. When clicking the Book Now button it will open a calendar through which users can select the desired departure date for the tour, the number of seats, add their contact information, answer required questions (if any), review the reservation and pay online.

How can I place this widget on my website?

In order to place this widget on your website, you need the HTML code, which can be found as follows:

  • 1. Click on “Widget & Plugins” in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Orioly application
  • 2. Under “Product list” click on “Generate”
  • 3. Select the products you want to display in the activity list
  • 4. Select the main language that will be displayed
  • 5. Change the text, text color and button background if you want
  • 6. Copy the HTML code and place it on the web page in the desired position
orioly widget lista polazaka

*This option is only available in the Growth and Business packages. You can check package prices here.


The Product List widget allows you to display a group of tours on a single page from where your customers can choose and book one of your tours. 

TIP: Add your best-selling products to the Product List widget and then place the Book Now button at the top of your front page. This way guests are more likely to see and therefore book your tours online.

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