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Orioly features 9 – Email automation

The long-awaited feature in Orioly is finally enabled, it’s the email automation. From now on you can prepare email messages in advance and send them automatically to your contacts.

In other words, you can send emails directly from the booking system to all your guests who are planning and have already booked a tour.

With this feature, you can send an email to everyone at once or only to those who have booked a certain activity.

You can also send reminders, thank you and promotional emails to encourage guests to book your activities again.

Use this email automation to notify your guests when the minimum number of guests for the tour has been reached, or to inform them about a last-minute cancelation or change in the departure time and date of a tour.

Furthermore, email templates can be created and assigned to all or specific products, and they can also be edited to match your brand colors.

But before start using this amazing feature keep in mind that it is only available in the Business package. You can check all options at this link.

What is email automation?

Email automation is the process of sending automated emails to people who are either subscribed to your marketing channels or have given you permission to send them notifications about offers and other important information related to your products or services.

It allows you to send personalized and relevant messages to the desired contacts at the right time, without the need to send each email individually.

For the automatic launch of email messages based on predefined parameters, certain software and technology are needed.

Example: program an email reminder to be sent to your guests before the departure of a tour. This email can contain important information such as meeting point and what to wear or bring for the tour.

We are pleased to point out that, among other things, the new Orioly Email automation feature allows you to do this.

With it, you can create email templates in advance in a very simple way, choose which product you want to send an email for, at what time, to whom, and which content.

How does Orioly email automation look like?

It’s time to show you how to easily create email templates using Orioly and take advantage of all the possibilities of the new feature.

You must first log in to your Orioly account. As we mentioned earlier, this feature is only available in the Business package, so if you are currently a Startup or Growth package user and would like to use this feature, please contact us at sales@orioly.com.

Once you’ve logged into your Orioly account, click on App Settings in the right menu.

orioly email automation feature

After you see Settings – Email and notifications, in the left menu, click on Email and notifications. Under the Automatic emails section, select New template.

You can then create an email and notification template. First, enter the Template Description to help you identify which of your organizational, sales, or marketing activities the template applies to.

orioly email automation

After the template description, choose when the email will be sent. You are offered five options, namely:

  • Before departure
  • After departure
  • When the set occupancy is reached
  • When the reservation is canceled
  • When the date/time of the reservation has been changed

Note: If you select the options Before departure or After departure, you can define the time in minutes, hours or days when the email will be sent. This can be, for example, 60 minutes before departure or two days after departure.

orioly email automation - time (1)

You can use the Before departure option as a reminder of the date and time of a departure or to send guests a tour program, and the After departure option can be very useful for sending a link to a questionnaire in which you will ask guests to leave a review or you can send a link to your website for guests to book an upcoming trip.

The next step is to select your recipients and contacts to whom you will send the prepared email. This email can be automatically sent to your contact or you can send it to your tour guides so they know the tour is full and will take place.

orioly email automation - contacts

You will definitely find it useful to be able to assign a template to products, that is, the ability to automatically send a specific email to contacts who have made a reservation for a specific tour.

assigning template

Finally, we come to the most important part, i.e. writing the email content itself. You fill in this part as if you were writing a standard email, that is, you must write the Title of the email and its content. It is possible to edit the text according to the predefined options, i.e. bold, italicize or underline the letters. You can also add desired links to the email text.

Note: If you want the name of the guest who booked the tour, the name of the tour, and the date and time of departure to be automatically added within the text, use Placeholders.

writing email and testing it

Example: If you use a placeholder to automatically add the name of a contact/customer on the introduction of your email the system will automatically populate the person’s name in this area, for example “Dear John Smith”. The same applies to the Name of the product (tour or activity) or Date/time of departure, which you can set anywhere in the text and it will be automatically applied when sending an email.

Before you send an email according to the defined parameters, it is recommended that you test the email just to make sure that everything works as expected. Check the spelling, accuracy of the information, and if you have inserted links, check that they lead to the correct website. If everything is fine, save the template by clicking the Save button.


Orioly email automation is an extremely useful functionality of the Orioly system for online reservations, which will save you time, facilitate sales and marketing activities, and enable more efficient organization of the experience by reducing administrative tasks.

If you have any additional questions about the Email automation feature, feel free to contact us at support@orioly.com. We are at your disposal for any doubts or necessary information.

Finally, we invite you to read the other articles and learn even more about the benefits of using the Orioly application in your daily business.

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