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Orioly Features – Part 1

If you are in the tours and activities business and run the entire business yourself, Orioly has features that will surely help with your challenges.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with papers and emails and we wish there were tools that would help us speed up and automate tasks.

Do you want to set a percentage of occupancy to enable online payment, close a departure or set a cut-off for booking a tour before it starts?

Then this blog is for you, read it to the end.

1. Determine the tour occupancy percentage to enable online payment

First, let’s explain why this feature is important in the first place. In order to conduct the tour, you must have a minimum number of registered participants.

By enabling the option to allow online payment depending on occupancy percentage, you have to define the occupancy percentage required to enable online payment.

Example: you have a capacity of 20 guests. The minimum number of applicants for the tour to be conducted is, let’s say, five. Through Orioly, you can set that occupancy percentage (25%), so the first 5 guests will not be able to pay online, but only to make a reservation.

Online payment will automatically be enabled only after the sixth person makes a booking and everyone after that. If the minimum number of participants is not collected, you do not have to refund the money and cancel the invoice.

Orioly-bind-online-payments-2 (1)

2. Partial payments (deposit)

When creating a product, you can also enable an option that allows partial payments.

This means that you can determine the percentage of the booking amount that the guest can pay as a deposit.

If you are a travel agency, this way you can insure yourself in case the guest does not show up for the tour.

Orioly-partial-payments-1 (1)

3. Cut off – the last deadline for booking before the departure

Define a time before the departure when online bookings will no longer be allowed.

So, the cut-off is the deadline by which the guest can make an online reservation. This is usually 24 or 48 hours before the tour starts.

You can enable this option by writing in the number of minutes in the empty field and that way you can define when you want to receive online reservations.

So, if it is 48 hours, multiply 48 by 60 (the number of minutes in one hour) and enter the resulting number in the box as in the picture.

Orioly-cut-off-3 (1)

4. Closing departures

You can find this feature on the dashboard. The departure can be closed and further reservations will not be possible through any channels.

For example, if you are organizing a tour, you started to receive bookings, but your tour guide got sick and the tour will not be held. You need to immediately close the departure to stop receiving bookings. With this option, you can simply close the departure in just a few clicks.


We hope these Orioly features sound interesting and useful to you, and maybe you’ve already managed to try them out by now.

Start online direct sales and find out how to set up your account with Orioly here.

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