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Orioly Features – Part 2

Throughout this blog series, we will briefly describe Orioly’s essential features to help you get the most out of your tours and activities business.

The first part was about advanced Orioly features, and you can find it here. There we described:

  • How to add the tour occupancy percentage to enable online payment
  • How to add the percentage for the deposit
  • What is the cut-off
  • How departure closing works

In the second part, we will write about the following topics:

  • How to automatically set the documents you want to be sent with confirmation emails
  • How to add cancellation policy and logo to booking documents
  • How to set up GDPR and marketing consents

Read the brief explanations below.

Documents that will be attached in the confirmation email

Did you ever forget to add an attachment to the booking confirmation email you send to your guests? That won’t be happening to you anymore.

Simply prepare in advance everything you want to communicate to your guests after they make a reservation, pay a deposit or make an online payment.

Do this by choosing which documents will go with the confirmation email automatically after your guest has made a reservation. Mails are divided into:

  • Reservation confirmation mail
  • Deposit confirmation email
  • Full payment confirmation email
Emails-and-notifications (1)

For all three different emails types, you can choose different documents that you want to be sent along with the confirmation email.

In addition, a confirmation email also comes for inquiries, and the guests can receive an offer in an attachment with them.


Here you can add a cancellation policy that will be visible within the documents.

You can also add your logo in the Header section. It will be visible on vouchers, invoices, offers, etc.

In this part, we strongly recommend that you send the logo to our Customer Success team, who will do this part for you if you’re not sure about the dimensions.

Invoicing (1)

Within the invoicing, you can also add notes that you think are important to share with your guests.


Very important and necessary today – GDPR.

Orioly lets you add terms of use link that guests can read during the booking process and then accept so that you don’t have to send it separately.

GDPR (1)

Also, you can add items to confirm the guest’s interest in receiving news about similar offers, newsletters, or other advertising offers.


Now that we’ve introduced you to Orioly’s advanced features part 2., we invite you to test them out for yourself.

Start online direct sales and find out how to set up your account with Orioly here.

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