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Orioly Features – Part 3: Partnerships

Establishing partnerships in the tourism industry can expand your sales channels and increase your income.

Are you interested in the benefits of this type of cooperation and how to find an ideal partner who shares the same values ​​as you? Read more here.

Finding a new partner within the Orioly marketplace

If you are an existing user of the Orioly system, in this article, you will learn, among other things, how to find and invite partners to resell your tours and excursions displayed within the Orioly Marketplace.

In addition, we have explained how you can become their agent and resell their activities.

The ways you can start partnerships through Orioly are effortless with many options, but we would like to note that your potential partner does not necessarily have to be an Orioly user to resell your tours.

More about this great and valuable functionality is below.

How to achieve a partnership with an agency that is not an Orioly user?

If you have an Orioly user account, you can also send an invitation for a partnership to potential resellers who are not users of the Orioly system and would like to resell your tours.

You can do this in the following way:

  • Through the Orioly system, you invite a partner agency to create a free agent account, which then gets access to the Orioly interface with limited display and options, and your products are visible to them within the system.
  • A reseller or an agent, as well as a tour organizer, can place a Book now button on their website, then implement an online payment system and thus enable direct reservations with credit card payment on their website, all within the Orioly agent user account.
  • When a sale occurs, the revenue goes to the reseller or the partner agency that resells your tour. On the booking widget, it is visible to the guest that you are the organizer and operator of the tour.

How it appears in the Orioly interface

In this section, you will learn how to invite partners to resell your products or how to create an Orioly agent account if they do not use Orioly.

In case you have one or more partners who do not use Orioly, you can invite them to be a reseller through the application by sending an invitation.

In this article, read how to invite partners to resell your products using a free Orioly agent account.

Also, if you change your mind or simply no longer want to cooperate with a particular partner, the above article provides instructions on how to cancel a partnership request and delete an existing partner.

In this picture, you can see how the notification your chosen partner receives about your offer to become partners, i.e., to resell your tours and excursions, looks like.

After you send a request for a partnership and the reseller accepts it by clicking “Accept invitation”, at that moment, you will receive a notification of a successfully confirmed partnership.

The reseller will receive a notification as shown in the picture, and further instructions for creating an agent account and setting access data will be sent to his email.

orioly partnerstvo prihvaćeno

After connecting with your partners, the next step is to make your products available on their Orioly account.

This article reads how to manually and automatically assign products to your partners after they accept your invitation.

Once you’ve assigned products to resell to your partners, it’s time to add the amount of commission the reseller will receive for each booking.

In this article, please read how to manually set commissions for your partners for their agent account and each product individually after linking them to your Orioly account.

At the same time, you can set them a special price at which you want them to sell your tour and the dates that are available for resale.

After you have set it all, the image shows the layout of all the details about your partner, such as his status, first and last name, type of cooperation, amount of commission, and which products you have decided to assign him for resale.

To ensure that your partner is doing a good job, you have access to analytics on Orioly.

This report shows exactly how many tours were sold in a certain period, how much your total income is, and how much commission you need to pay to the reseller.

In the picture below, you can see the booking process for the guest, that is, how it shows who is actually the tour organizer.

This is important so that your guests know at all times which service provider they are booking.

orioly partnerstva

After your reseller sells the tour, a confirmation will be sent to the email, but only after the guest has booked and paid on the partner’s website.

At that moment, all three parties, the guest, the partner, and the tour operator, receive a confirmation email.

That way, everyone has details about the tour, and you, as the tour organizer, have insight into the information about the guest who booked through a partner agency.

orioly potvrdni mail

The advantage of the partnership is that through Orioly you can easily cooperate with your partners and have insight into their bookings and the income they generate for you at any time.

At the same time, you save time for both yourself and your partner because Orioly, after booking, automatically sends confirmation emails and booking documents.

If you would also like to sell your tours through Orioly and start partnerships, get started here or contact us at matea@orioly.com.

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