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Should DMOs Promote Holiday Travel This Year?

Europe and the US are experiencing a second wave of covid infections right prior to the holiday season. But, after a tough year, people just want to travel to be close to their loved ones and escape for a while from the situation caused by the pandemic.

Amidst that, we have businesses struggling to be on their feet and make it through the next year. This is a challenge for destination marketers who need to pass the right message that will light up the economy with safety.

Government x Companies

Government entities, such as the American CDC, have a clear position that now isn’t the time to travel. On the other hand, travel companies are urging for revenue

That is noticeable when companies entice travelers to book through promotions followed by a message that travel is safe.

Just take a look at what happened in the US prior to Thanksgiving. There, airports were telling people to stay home while the major airlines were pushing them to fly back home.

Communicating different messages only makes customers confused. It is important that authorities and companies speak the same language.

Don’t promote, communicate

The destination marketing organization’s role is to pass the right message to travelers. That means not promoting travel at this moment. Right now, DMOs should communicate all the safety measures taken in order to protect locals and visitors.

If travelers feel safe enough, they will come to your destination. 

It is also important to bring all the stakeholders to the conversation. Transparency is essential at this time. Furthermore, together is easier to think about creative solutions that will keep the economy rolling during this period.

For example, instead of Black Friday discounts to book in the short term, why not promoting travel deals for the next year?

The same could be applied to Christmas offers.

Promoting or not, the demand is increasing

People are tired of quarantine, they want their normal life back or at least a piece of it. That is called Covid fatigue and it’s part of the explanation of why people want to travel despite a second covid surge.

Add that to the fact that confidence in leisure travel has been gradually rising over recent months and the latest announcements on a covid vaccine, and you have an incipient demand for travel.

So, the best a DMO can do right now is working on the safety of visitors and locals, and communicate that. The number of cancelations is rising, but last-minute bookings are expected.

To keep up with the market need for innovation during covid times, check out Orioly for DMOs and how we can help you transform your destination through smart tourism solutions.

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