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Increase Engagement with Social Media Automation

On average, people spend two hours on social media networks every day, and this number is rising. With 2.51 billion social media users worldwide consistently increasing, it’s likely that most tour companies are active on social media. However, social media takes time. Since time is the only thing you can’t get back, you need to allocate it wisely. Social media automation helps you with that.

As a tour company owner, you give your best to publish the right content, on the right platforms, at the right time. It was probably more than once that your whole day passed before even realizing it. For a tour company owner, this is the time you just can’t afford to waste. So, read on. Learn how to automate social media and save time!

Does your tour company use an online tour booking system? They usually include social media automation. Advantages of using social media automation are significant:

  1. Saving money by using the tool integrated into your booking system
  2. Scheduling your social media posts for future publishing at a particular time in any day of the week
  3. Ensuring that you are posting consistently
  4. Instantly posting content to multiple platforms
  5. Automating repetitive social publishing tasks
  6. Tracking and analyzing your results.

Using social media automation as a part of online booking system allows you to manage your posts without ever leaving your booking system. You can announce and promote your tour, a special offer or a discount multiple times. Set it once for future publishing and automation will do the job of posting for you! As a result of that, you’ll be spending more time doing things you love, like creating new exciting tours and activities! And your fans and customers will still be informed about what’s new in your tour company.

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Social Media Automation’s Need for Warmth of Human Touch

Thanks to social media automation, you won’t sit managing your social profiles and pages all day long. Nevertheless, you still have to spend some time on social media to connect with your audience and answer their comments or thank them for liking you. That’s engagement and building relationships. They are following your tour company page not just to be updated with your current offer. Their eyes are looking for a perfect vacation destination. A photo, a video or a story that will warm their hearts. So, a personal touch is more than welcome! After all, you’re a real live human.

But there are always things that require your day to day touch. And those can be automated! For example, photos from a trip you offer and reviews from your customers. Or important information, such as local events that are going on.

When we’ve mentioned reviews, have you heard of TripAdvisor’s automated review service? Basically, it’s a tool that enables tour companies to get more reviews. How? It sends email reminders to customers and it asks them to write reviews. Simple as that, you can cross begging for a feedback from your to-do list.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good place to start with social media automation. Reach out to us in case you need some help! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Or share it right here.

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