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Natural Hvar Tours is an online travel agency that offers outdoor tours to bring guests closer to the island of Hvar and its history. Over the past eight years, they have been operating successfully. 


Silvana and Grga Matkovic founded Natural Hvar Tours as a way to fulfill a childhood wish. With thematically guided tours, they aim to make Hvar accessible to all visitors, adventurers, and research enthusiasts. This is their second season using Orioly, but not to implement the Book now button on their website and enable online bookings, but exclusively for offline booking management and sales automation.


Make the entire reservation process more professional, and automate the sending of confirmation emails with a link for card payment and reservation documents in an attachment, for example generating an invoice automatically after payment without having to manually create one in accounting.


While online reservations were not enabled in this case, the Orioly booking system was configured to automatically send an email confirmation once an offline reservation is entered. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to manually create documents for every reservation, tour information, vouchers, invoices, and so on, but the entire process is automated and therefore accelerated, i.e. it saves time spent on correspondence with guests and document creation.


There is a more serious approach, by which the guest receives a booking confirmation, payment link, invoice, as well as other information such as cancellation policy, itinerary or instructions on what to bring, etc. As a result, a greater number of satisfied guests were recorded in terms of their overall trip booking experience.


Given that Orioly is not implemented on the web, but from the very beginning we use it exclusively for offline bookings, there is still an evident increase in satisfaction, both for us and our guests. The potential of Orioly exists, but unfortunately, our business model prevents us from utilizing it fully. However, you definitely have our recommendation for the simple reason that it can be adapted to almost any business that organizes tours or activities.

Silvana Markovic, CEO Natural Hvar Tours
quote Choosing Orioly was based on the fact that the entire booking process looks more professional to the guest, as a booking confirmation email contains all the necessary payment information, so the entire process is much easier, and an invoice and payment link are available once the payment has been made.

Invoices are issued automatically in accounting, so we don't have to create them again manually. My only responsibility is to periodically enter them in the Book of Outgoing Accounts.

Silvana Markovic, CEO Natural Hvar Tours

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