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Travel Trade Shows Tour Operators Can’t Miss in 2023

2022 was marked by the kick-off of physical travel trade shows, fairs and conferences. Industry professionals could finally set foot on a plane and enjoy attending their favorite travel events such as ITB Berlin, Arival 360, WTM London and Arabian Travel Market.

But what great opportunities next year hold for the ones seeking to network, expand their business and boost sales?

To help you better plan your year, we have listed the main travel trade shows that will take place in 2023 sorted by region. So distance will not be an excuse to skip these events.

Why should tour operators attend travel trade shows?

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If you never attended a travel trade show before, you should consider going to one as a New Year’s resolution.

This is the type of event every travel professional should participate in at least once a year, despite of business segment, size and goals. The reasons are simple and you can check them below:

  • Travel trade shows attract thousands of visitors, among them, potential clients and partners for your business.
  • It is a great opportunity to present your products and services in a more personal way, which you can’t achieve through virtual meetings.
  • In such events, you have the opportunity to meet your target audience in person, which could give you precious insights for your future marketing campaigns.
  • Besides growing your network you can also grow your industry knowledge through keynote sessions and panel discussions with industry experts.
  • Trade shows are great places to get informed about industry trends and challenges, which will help you immensely in planning your business.

Travel trade shows can be a big opportunity for travel professionals. But if you want to make the most of your time and money when attending one, there are a few things you should have in mind. Let’s check them now.

Tips for tour operators who want to attend travel trade shows next year

Ruth Franklin, the co-founder of Secret Paradise Maldives and a veteran of travel trade shows, wrote on LinkedIn her experience during WTM London—a text you definitely should read—one of the main events in the travel industry.

At the end of her article, she gives handy tips for tour operators who want to attend such events in the future. Below you can check some of them:

  1. Travel trade shows usually don’t have onsite registration, so make sure to register in advance online and download your badge before arrival.
  2. Contact your local tourism board and check if they will be exhibiting. If positive, you can agree on a partnership in order to save costs.
  3. Contact your partners and clients to check if they will be at the event. A face-to-face meeting is always a great way to strengthen relations and maybe kick off new projects.
  4. Research the attendees on the official event website and on social media. If you find potential partners it’s a good idea to contact them in advance in order to arrange a meeting.
  5. Plan your visit in advance. Which panels you want to attend and which stands to visit. This will save you precious time.
  6. Book the flights and your accommodation in advance. Close to the event date, you risk paying more for them or worse, not finding a flight or room to stay.
  7. Plan your meetings in advance. Write everything you want to discuss with your potential partners as well as a short but complete presentation of your business and how it can add value to your potential partner.
  8. At the event wear comfortable shoes, remember that these events are huge and you will need to walk a lot during them.
  9. Don’t forget to follow up after your meetings. Sending an email is a great way to say thank you for the time spent and agree on the next steps of the partnership. Also, connect with your contacts on LinkedIn to keep in touch after the event is over.

Did you get excited to attend a travel trade show? So check out the list of the top events scheduled for next year.

Top travel trade shows in Europe

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1. ITB Berlin

With visitors and exhibitors from 181 countries, this is considered the world’s biggest travel event for tourism professionals and key players from the industry. In addition to networking, visitors to this trade show are presented with the latest innovations and trends in the tourism industry.

Date: 07-09 Mar 2023
Estimated Turnout: 160000 Visitors / 10000 Exhibitors
Place: Berlin, Germany

2. World Travel Market London

If you are looking for an event to meet industry professionals and close deals, this is the right place for you. WTM London is the market leading international travel event to unlock business opportunities for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Date: 06-08 Nov 2023
Estimated Turnout: 51500 Visitors / 5000 Exhibitors
Place: London, UK


This event is a must for tourism professionals that work with inbound and/or outbound markets in Latin America. There you can promote your brand, meet new products and learn about the latest trends related to this market.

Date: 18-22 Jan 2023
Estimated Turnout: 110000 Visitors / 8000 Exhibitors
Place: Madrid, Spain

4. East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition

EMITT is a valuable business platform providing new business and cooperation opportunities to the Turkish and global travel sectors. It showcases country pavilions, holiday destinations, summer and winter tourism, outdoor tourist destinations, hotels and tourist centres, tour operators, travel agencies and much more.

Date: 08-11 Feb 2023
Estimated Turnout: 44000 Visitors / 850 Exhibitors
Place: Büyükçekmece, Turkey

5. TTG Travel Experience

TTG Travel Experience Experience is Italy’s key B2B show for the promotion of global tourism in the country and the marketing of its tourism offer worldwide. Over three days, it brings together international operators and key players in the industry.

Date: 11-13 Out 2023
Estimated Turnout: 45000 Visitors / 2100 Exhibitors
Place: Rimini, Italy

6. Arival 360 Berlin

If you are a tour operator this is the place to be. The event is focused on the in-destination experiences industry. Three days of learning, peer-to-peer connections & leading insights from thought leaders, so you walk away with practical strategies that position your business for success in an always changing landscape.

Date: 05-07 Mar 2023
Place: Berlin, Germany

Top travel trade shows in the APAC region

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SATTE is recognized as Asia’s Leading travel and tourism exhibition to conduct business, share knowledge, and exchange ideas in order to arrive at solution-driven innovations to accelerate the pace of the growth of the industry.

Date: 09-11 Feb 2023
Estimated Turnout: 35000 Visitors / 1200 Exhibitors
Place: Greater Noida, India

2. ITB Asia

Asia’s Leading Travel Trade Show, is an annually held B2B trade show and convention for the travel industry; it is designed to be the primary event for the Asia Pacific travel industry, much like its parent event – ITB Berlin.

Date: 25-27 Oct 2023
Estimated Turnout: 50000 Visitors / 500 Exhibitors
Place: Singapore

3. Thai International Travel Fair

This event is a great opportunity for travel companies to promote their tourism products and services, and to improve sales and visibility within the Thai market.

Date: 16-19 Feb 2023
Estimated Turnout: 225000 Visitors / 1100 Exhibitors
Place: Bangkok, Thailand

4. MATTA Fair

This is the number one consumers travel fair in Malaysia. An event that provides global exposure and business opportunities for visitors and exhibitors.

Date: 17-19 Mar 2023
Estimated Turnout: 100000 Visitors / 4500 Exhibitors
Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5. OTM Mumbai

The second fastest growing outbound travel market in the world and the largest and most international gathering of travel trade buyers and professionals in India.

Date: 02-04 Feb 2023
Estimated Turnout: 25000 Visitors / 1100 Exhibitors
Place: Mumbai, India

6. Arival | Activate Bangkok

The Asian version of the event for the in-destination experiences industry. Two and a half days of real connection and collaboration—expect plenty of networking opportunities, peer-to-peer learning, and on-trend sessions where you drive the conversation. With travel coming back, full steam ahead, throughout Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, this event will feel like a reunion and a new beginning.

Date: 12-14 Jun 2023
Place: Bangkok, Thailand

Top travel trade shows in North America

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1. International Tourism & Travel Show

This travel trade show attracts more than a hundred countries represented by their tourism offices, tour operators and travel agents.

Date: 03-05 Nov 2023
Estimated Turnout: 37000 Visitors / 400 Exhibitors
Place: Montreal, Canada

2. Vancouver International Travel Expo

This event is known for gathering all sorts of travel businesses under the same roof, such as airlines, tour operators, independent hotels & hotel/resort companies, travel agencies, cruise lines, tourism boards, plus ground transportation, attractions, and related services.

Date: 30 Sep 2023
Estimated Turnout: 10000 Visitors / 200 Exhibitors
Place: Vancouver, Canada

3. Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum

LVTAF connects travel sellers from North America with a global base of vacation experiences, business resources and more. This limited space B2B leisure travel agency focused program will provide delegates with a 360 degree approach to networking, education, immersion and business opportunities.

Date: 31-03 Apr 2023
Estimated Turnout: 1800 Visitors / 300 Exhibitors
Place: Las Vegas, USA

4. The Travel and Vacation Show

Focused exclusively on destinations & travel, The Travel and Vacation Show is the most effective way to target consumers that are seeking travel and holiday information and travel agents looking for the latest tours and destinations.

Date: 01-03 Apr 2023
Estimated Turnout: 17000 Visitors / 200 Exhibitors
Place: Ottawa, Canada

5. IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism

This conference has the goal to drive, inspire and demonstrate innovative and collaborative sustainable solutions for positive tourism development across Canada.

Date: 22-25 Jan 2023
Estimated Turnout: 275 Delegates
Place: Victoria, Canada

6. Arival 360 Orlando

Three-and-a-half days of connection, collaboration, and boundary-pushing innovation in Orlando at THE premier conference for the In-Destination Experiences Industry. Discover the latest cutting-edge strategies and trends to watch as the travel sector’s remarkable recovery continues.

Date: 09-12 Oct 2023
Place: Orlando, USA

Top travel trade shows in the Middle East and Africa

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1. Arabian Travel Market Dubai

Arabian Travel Market is the market leading, international travel and tourism event unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Date: 01-04 May 2023
Estimated Turnout: 39000 Visitors / 2500 Exhibitors
Place: Dubai, UAE

2. International Mediterranean Tourism Market

IMTM 2023 is entirely customised to maximise industry connectivity and visibility with an in-person event in Tel Aviv, where participants are able to meet established contacts, and develop more through supplementary meetings and seminars.

Date: 14-15 Feb 2023
Estimated Turnout: 27000 Visitors / 1900 Exhibitors
Place: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

3. World Travel Market Africa

One of six shows in the WTM portfolio, the Africa show was launched in 2014 under the Africa Travel Week umbrella to bring the benefits and opportunities of the WTM global industry expertise to travel professionals in the region.

Date: 03-05 Apr 2023
Estimated Turnout: 6000 Visitors / 600 Exhibitors
Place: Cape Town, South Africa

Top travel trade shows in Latin America

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1. World Travel Market Latin America

WTM Latin America is the B2B travel and tourism event for Latin America, offering excellent business opportunities, return on investment and access to relevant and qualified travel and tourism industry buyers, influencers, and professionals. It is the perfect opportunity for the continent to connect with the world through valuable connections and ideas.

Date: 03-05 Apr 2023
Estimated Turnout: 50000 Visitors / 500 Exhibitors
Place: São Paulo, Brazil


Next year is packed with travel trade shows that tour operators should consider attending. With events happening all over the world, I’m sure you can find one that will take place next to you.

As some of them are right at the beginning of the year, we encourage you to book your tickets in advance.

The benefits of attending these fairs and conferences definitely pay off the ticket. Meeting customers, potential partners and industry colleagues is a rich experience that could be a game changer for your business.

While waiting for the next trade show, why not improve your marketing efforts? This way you can make the most of the connections you will create while exhibiting or visiting a fair. Download now our ebook Low Budget Digital Marketing Strategies for Tour Operators, to learn how to boost your marketing without increasing your expenses.

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