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Travel Trends That Will Shape Tourism in 2021

2020 was a disruptive year for the travel and tourism industry. It brought uncertainty and changes, but what to expect from 2021?

Slowly businesses and travelers have learned how to deal with the “new normal”. Much of that thanks to technology and a better understanding of the new travel behavior.

This year, many trends that started with the pandemic will gain traction and last for the upcoming years. In short, travel will keep its route towards safety and convenience.

To help you cope with the changes in the industry, here you go seven trends that you shouldn’t miss in 2021.

Health & Safety is the new Points & Miles

Tourist holding a toy plane with mask on the wings

Having loyal customers never been so crucial for travel companies. As discussed in another article from our blog, customer loyalty is something extremely positive for your business.

But, how to conquer traveler loyalty in 2021?

The answer is simple. By giving exactly what they are looking for during a pandemic: companies committed to health, hygiene and safety protocols.

An Amadeus research showed that 40% of tourists would favor airlines, airports and hotels with high safety standards. Why this behaviour would be different for experience providers?

Travel agents are your best friends

Travel agent speaking to tourists

Travel agents are playing a critical role in the travel industry right now. They are a reliable source of information and a more than welcome support for the exhausted traveler. 

Dealing with cancelations and following changes in regulations can ruin anyone’s vacation. Unless you have a travel agent to do that for you.

According to the Amadeus survey, 40% of global travelers expect their travel agents to be on hand to problem solve and provide more recommendations.

Tour operators should definitely invite travel agents for partnerships. They will be a hot sales channel for 2021.

Get ready for your dream travel

Tourist child next to a toy plane

People had plenty of time in 2020 to fantasize about the perfect trip. In 2021 it is time to put some checks on that bucket list.

That is a result of quarantines and lockdowns that made most of us realize that life is too short to do all we want.

You can expect an increase in searches for unique experiences and uncommon destinations. I would not be surprised if 2021 turns out to be the year for adventure travel.

Conscious travel on the rise

Conscious tourist enjoying nature

As much as you wish 2020 never happened, it showed travelers and authorities the good and bad impacts of travel.

Topics like overtourism, sustainable travel and eco-friendly tourism were widely debated. 

Now, more people than ever want to create a connection with the destination and at the same time help the local community.

A recent survey found that 68% of travelers want the money they spend on travel to go back into the community.

That represents a great opportunity for initiatives such as Touriosity

The OTA doesn’t charge commissions from the tours listed and its main focus is to help tour and activity providers grow direct bookings while complementing their own direct marketing efforts.

Be prepared for the nomads

Digital nomad working on a beach destination

2020 is over but remote work is not. After companies have seen the benefits of this practice, it is hard to imagine people going to the office all year long.

The flexibility of remote work will lead travelers to extend their stay at destinations.

With an eye on the future, countries like Croatia have approved digital nomad visas and accommodation providers are prioritizing long-term stays.

In its recent research, Amadeus found out that 55% of the participants are considering a holiday of 14 days or more.

Time to add digital nomads to your next local marketing strategy.

Diversity is the rule for 2021

Multicultural tourists enjoying on a boat

This year multicultural travelers will become common in destinations all over the world. 

Don’t be surprised if you see an increase in tourists from Africa, The Middle East, Latin America, or other unusual places for your destination.

DMOs are broadening their target markets in order to keep revenue. That is an answer to travel restrictions being applied to minimize the spread of the virus.

Get your business ready to embrace different cultures. If necessary, adapt your products and services to make your new customers feel at home.

The future is now

Mobile and tablet displaying a booking platform on screen

Technology has an important role in bringing back confidence to travel. 

Clear communication, touchless payments and seamless boarding are some of the aspects travelers have been considering before any booking.

A recent survey conducted by Censuswide revealed that technology would increase confidence to travel in the next 12 months for 80% of travelers.

Time for the tourism sector to rethink the way its products are offered.

Talking about tours, activities and attractions; there is much to be done in terms of digitalizing products, implementing online payments and increasing the overall online experience of the customer.

That is what online booking software solutions like Orioly do. It turns your website into a sales channel and automates the communication with your customers

Get to know more about our solution and learn how we can help you make the most of the trends for 2021.

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