Travelers' Loyalty Could be Doubled after Rewarding Your Customers

Superb Way to Double Travelers’ Loyalty? Reward Them.

Did you know that winning a new customer can be 6 times more expensive than retaining an existing one? Improve your travelers’ loyalty by showing them your appreciation with a simple thank you gift.

The more energy you devote to your traveler relationships, the higher your retention rate is. Investing in travelers’ loyalty is up to six times cheaper than acquiring a new traveler/ customer. Plus, loyal travelers help grow your customer base organically by referring friends and colleagues.

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Findings show that travelers’ loyalty is affected by perceived value, quality, customer satisfaction and trust. On the other hand, a study shows that 60-80% satisfied customers do not return. Interesting findings, right? As well as I do, I suppose you are wondering → how come?

Often, it’s because of disconnection. Travelers’ loyalty and satisfaction mean nothing if they can’t remember exactly whom they traveled with. This is the main reason why so many one-time sales that are completely satisfying never transfer to returning ones. Moreover, sometimes you will have a few unhappy travelers. They are more likely to leave. When they do, they take a piece of your business with them.

How Can a Travel Agency Connect with Travelers?

Here are some quick tips that will help you build strong relationships with your customers. That means they will choose you again as their tour or travel company. Maybe even bring more potential customers!

  1. Surprise them with a thoughtful thank you gift

    It will create an emotional connection with your travelers. That way, they will know how much you appreciate them. The trip will definitely become an unforgettable experience for everyone.

  2. Use some of the information from your online booking system
  • If you know your travelers’ names, address all your emails and booking confirmation to them. The personalized approach yields better results!
  • If travelers left you their birth date, how are you using it? Besides calculating the discount for children, you can send a birthday card or even special discounts.

Travel Agents, Have You Paid Attention to Your Customers This Year?

If you haven’t done it yet, don’t panic! There’s still some time.

Everyone loves getting gifts during holidays. That includes your travelers! Gift giving in the holiday season is a way to strengthen your relationships.

Think about what you’d like to get as a traveler. You’d also like to make it appropriate to your tour business.

For example, there’s no point in giving a planner to someone who notes everything on a cellphone. Also, you don’t want your gift to be cheesy (“Oh, my God, another mug.”).

To help out on a short notice, we compiled a list of some perfect gift ideas for your most valuable customers.

Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

This list of products will cheer up every experienced traveler! They are practical, as well as, beautiful and aesthetic. Plus – the best thing – these are really affordable, easily branded gift ideas that can fit any tour operator’s or travel company’s budget!

  1. An authentic local product to keep the memory of tour adventure last longer

    When I traveled to the Carnival of Venice, the tour guide gave us all beautiful masks. It was unexpected, original and convenient. Everyone was thrilled!

    The real local experience is number one trend for 2017. A nicely packaged piece of a local produce always wins! It evokes strong positive feelings in your tourists they will always remember you by. It’s these positive feelings and memories that will make you stand out and make your tourist came back. Consequently, it will most definitely make them share their experience with you on social networks, leave great references and recommend to friends! The present can be very affordable, but really typical for your region.

    What do you think about some beautifully wrapped package of spices from India? Or coffee or cocoa beans from Brazil? Blooming tea (it’s freshly dried flowers which start to blossom once dropped in hot water) from China is another wonderful authentic gift idea. In case you visit Croatia, how do you feel about giving a piece of handmade lace from Croatia?

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Do you need a few more hints?

  1. Affordable branded gifts

    You can easily brand some products that are needed during traveling or preparing for one. You cannot make a mistake with a digital luggage scale (everyone who is about to board the plane needs it). Also, while traveling people love to take photographs so it would be a great idea to brand some low-cost, but cool gadgets, as a selfie stick or a waterproof phone case. Watersports enthusiasts will be excited by the fact they can, thanks to you, turn their regular phone into a 100% waterproof adventure camera. Wholesale price for both gadgets of is around $0.80. UV sensitive bracelets, luggage tags, and eye masks are on the budget and easily branded too.

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  1. Gift for your best customers and partners

    If you are looking for a jaw-dropping gift for a very special customer or a partner, here is the 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker that brings unapologetically awesome sound to beaches, cliffs, and mountains. That kind of product was meant for a life of adventure, a life filled with trails, caves, lakes and mountains. Awesome sound for awesome adventures. Unique speakers for unique customers.

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A scratch map is the second suggestion of ours. It is a unique map which comes with a scratching concept. You can scratch the places you have traveled and make it your home décor.

While speaking about cool gift ideas, how do you feel about giving a hammock? It is useful for the outdoor enthusiast. Can be super lightweight, compact and suitable for backpackers. Due to giving a hammock, your business partners or clients will think of you in their moments of relaxation and joy. So, they will connect this positive feeling with your brand.

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Anyway, it’s not necessary to pick a gift from our list. So, give them something of your choice that you know the person would like.

Through pleasant surprises like this, you’ll touch hearts and stand out among your competition in your customer’s eyes! Thus, positive feelings associated with your tour company name will emerge instantly! Almost guaranteed, you’ll improve travelers’ loyalty. By doing so, your customers will tell all about it to their family and friends and in that way refer more bookings to your website!

Finally, happy gift giving and joyful holiday season!

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