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We are proud to say that we are a technological partner of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This nature’s gem is the most visited park, not only in Croatia, but also in the whole of Southeast Europe.

About The Client

Plitvice is a must-see attraction for all nature lovers, and is visited annually by more than a million guests. What sets them apart is the wonderful harmony of the forest landscape, clear lakes and the location between the continental and coastal parts of Croatia.

Together with the marketing team of Plitvice Lakes, Orioly enabled the distribution of tickets and other products through external OTA channels so that they could better manage their marketing resources, target additional groups of nature lovers, as well as develop the marketing of new tourist products. Have you ever thought about a Digital Detox Weekend in a National Park with lakes?

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The National Park wants to manage the number of visitors per day and hour. The reason for this is the desire to enable visitors to enjoy the natural beauty, but at the same time to preserve the beautiful nature.

In 2019, they enabled online purchasing through their website and access to partners for special batches of tickets. The next step was to find a solution for the distribution of tickets and other special offers according to the target groups. Of course, everything had to be automated, because the national park has to take care of the maximum allowed number of visitors to the park, per day and per hour.

A world-famous attraction must think about how to ensure a limited number of visitors, but at the same time, how to optimize promotion channels, coordinate marketing campaigns, maintain and raise standards of satisfaction and preserve the beauty that nature has given.


Orioly is a company founded in Croatia, and the Plitvice Lakes are one of the most visited tourist attractions in Croatia. Therefore, it was our goal to provide the highest service and thus contribute to this world-famous gem of nature.

In less than three months, during the summer season, the Orioly product and customer success teams collaborated with the marketing and web shop teams of Plitvice Lakes, and activated the first OTA channel GetYourGuide, where the sales team of Plitvice Lakes sells tickets, without the brokerage of other travel agencies.

In addition, we have made it possible for the GetYourGuide voucher, which tourists receive, to contain a barcode provided by the ticketing system of the Plitvice Lakes, and in this way the employees of the Plitvice Lakes will use the same card readers as before.

This project involved several teams – the marketing and web team from Plitvice, cooperation with the ERP team, colleagues from GetYourGuide, and of course our product and customer success teams.

The result is a long-term solution set up in a short period of time, which enables the automation and flexibility of national park’s sales team.

We look forward to this cooperation and new tourist packages for this wonderful corner of nature.

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quote During 2023, colleagues from Plitvice requested a solution by which we can ensure the sale of tickets through external channels, and at the same time ensure compliance of data on availability so that the data at the entrance, web shop and any other promotional channel are coordinated.

In less than three months, colleagues from the marketing team of NP Plitvice Lakes were able to proudly announce that Orioly and Plitvice did a great job and we look forward to the next tourist season and new openings of promotional channels, as well as future premium tourist packages.

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