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We adjusted Orioly prices and removed the monthly fee

As a travel professional, are you tired of talking about how much prices are rising overall? Instead, all you want is to focus on how to make the most of the next season? If so, Orioly has new pricing plans thought especially for travel professionals that don’t want to worry about price changes but about providing great travel experiences.

Now it’s the time to take the next step forward and sign up for a solution that will boost your online direct sales and smooth your daily tasks.

In order to give an extra push to your decision of digitizing your business, Orioly decided to change its entire pricing strategy. What does that mean for you?

New Orioly pricing

Well, in response to market changes, we have eliminated the monthly fee. Now you can have access to our entire system just by paying a one-time fee. Yes, that’s right, you will get unlimited use of the Orioly system – forever.

Additionally, Orioly is still one of the few online booking systems that don’t charge commissions for offline bookings. And why should they be charged? Our goal is to make your business easier to manage and to smoothen the online booking process for your guests, enabling them to pay for your tours online.

By paying a one-time fee starting at just $249, you can implement Orioly to sell tours and activities online. For offline reservations, you don’t pay any fee, and for online reservations, the commission ranges from 1 to 2.5%, depending on the package you decide to go with. This way, by receiving more and more online direct bookings for your business, we grow together.

Check our prices here.

The most important thing about pricing is – THIS FEE IS ONE-TIME AND IS PAID ONLY ONCE. 

Now it’s time for you to get your digitalization plan off the drawing board and start with online direct sales.

Contact us at sales@orioly.com or via this link. Start the 2023 season better than you ever imagined with the new Orioly prices.

About Orioly

Orioly is an online booking system based in Croatia that helps you sell your tours and activities online. Whether you just want to receive reservations online or enable online payment, we will help you with everything: implementing the booking system on your website, setting up the Book now button, connecting to the payment system, reliable customer support and many other features.

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