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Black Island Winery opened its doors in 2018 on the site of the once-famous Agricultural Cooperative Jedinstvo, which has created the first Pošip — a wine variety specific to this region.

The former winery cooperative has been turned into a must-visit wine destination whose vineyards are located near the small village of Smokvica on the island of Korcula.

In addition to the top-quality wine, you can take part in wine tours where you are going to learn about the history of wineries and the wine production processes, and, of course, enjoy good wine and snacks.

Because of their wine tours, Black Island Winery decided to digitize their offer and implement a ‘Book Now’ button on their website.


Shorten the time between visitors seeing the tour offer and making a reservation through their website, everything without human intermediaries.


By implementing the Orioly booking system, guests can see all the information about the desired tour, price, departure details, duration, opening hours, etc.

In addition, they can book immediately and do not have to wait for one of the employees of the winery to answer the phone or e-mail to confirm whether the desired date is free.


Guests are pleased to be able to book their desired wine tour in a few minutes. This contributes to greater visibility of the product and leaves a very good impression on visitors.

Travelers prefer to make an online reservation rather than call by phone, mostly because of the convenience of choosing the best departure dates and times through a calendar on the operator’s website, which makes the job easier for both, the winery and guests.

Also, the probability of mistakes during the online booking process is much lower than arranging reservations manually.


Orioly met our expectations. We did not have any problems with reservations, everything is always very clear and guests are happy to be able to book the desired wine tour in a few minutes. We would definitely recommend Orioly to our colleagues in tourism because it is easy to use and allows visitors quick access to services, and makes our job easier.

Marina Salecic, Tasting Room Manager
quote Digitalization is an important factor in tourism and businesses in general.

When planning their trip, tourists can book the desired activities from the comfort of their homes, and once they arrive, they no longer need to look for offers and facilities, which makes their stay with us much easier.

Marina Salecic, Tasting Room Manager

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