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Destination Development Through Niche Tourism [eBook]

This blog post focuses on destination development through niche tourism with a special emphasis on destination advertising and tourism destination marketing.

How To Market A Tourist Destination?

Tourism that we know today is going through a lot of changes.

It’s like a never-ending cycle of utilizing new technologies, tailored strategies, search optimization techniques, advertising and promotional campaigns. This is especially important in niche tourism.

Of course, among those novelties, there are also some great challenges due to market shifts. Travelers’ habits change all the time and keeping up with the latest travel and tourism trends, requires skills, quick adjustments, and updated strategies for optimal results.

Destination Development Through Niche Tourism - Orioly - eBook - Niche tourism development

Understanding the market changes will help your tour business or destination marketing organization (DMO) find a sweet spot for selling your activities and products. But how does one do that?

By combining destination marketing strategies and developing niche tourism.

Destination Development Through Niche Tourism

Our eBook covers everything you need to know about destination development through niche tourism.

While doing your research for niche tourism, you must have come across a dozen of destination marketing strategies. The thing is, you’ve noticed they are all different—custom-made for a certain destination and their promo strategies. Now you ask yourself, how can that even work for my idea for a nice tourism? How do I even come up with a profitable niche tourism business strategy?

The guide will cover a wide range of questions and challenges regarding niche tourism as well as try to give you a laid-out plan how to utilize the latest technologies in tackling all the challenges one destination marketing organization (DMO) might encounter along the way.

Destination development through niche tourism - Orioly - ebook - niche tourism examples

What is niche tourism?

Niche tourism refers to how a specific tourism product can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular audience/market segment.

Tourism niches grew in popularity over the last few years because of mass tourism’s inability to satisfy people’s cravings for new and unique experiences tailored to their needs.

Instead of being a passive observer, today’s tourist wants to dive into the experience, taste, feel and relate to local customs, traditions, and cuisine. Today’s traveler isn’t making holiday plans just for the sake of it—they are traveling to have an adventure worth remembering.

Destination Development Guide - Orioly - Destination marketing strategies

Before you can run a successful DMO, you are going to face a lot of obstacles, especially when it comes to bureaucratic structures you have to go through. That’s why it’s crucial to cooperate with the government institutions to get the data and resources you need.

If you have a marketing department, the first task on their agenda should be to perform an in-depth research, analyze your existing offers and business development plans, then create a strategy to conquer new markets that’s in accordance with your budget.

For example, when deciding on entering a new niche, be sure to gather all relevant information on which market is the most important for your destination. Understand your market and make a plan of how you envision your future destination.

It’s not uncommon to run in circles, waste precious time and resources because of wrong data. Poorly performed market research is something that’s not discussed enough. Niche tourism is highly individualized and if you don’t have the right data, you’re guessing instead of having bullet-proof facts, making assumptions, not utilizing marketing tools properly then you won’t get the results you were hoping for.

Along with the market research, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest travel trends, which as you know, change in a blink of an eye.

Niche Tourism Development

In our free eBook, we also discuss how destination marketing organizations can work on developing niche tourism platforms for their destination. Also, we outline a few niche tourism ideas and how to use them for your advantage.

Destination development guide - Orioly - destination advertising and niche tourism

But before you begin auditing your existing travel and activity offer, here are a few questions to have in your mind:

  • What does your destination have to offer?
  • Who can you partner with in providing the best tours, activities, accommodation, products, and services?
  • Do you have a plan how to arrange your distribution channels to attract your target audience?

Technical Challenges of Destination Marketing and Niche Tourism

DMO is tasked with making suppliers’ tour offers easily accessible and bookable online directly from the DMO website.

If you’re a DMO, then you’re are looking to overcome two of the following challenges—logistical issues and battling complex technical issues.

Challenge 1– DMOs are not tech companies and often don’t know how to bid online.

Challenge 2 – It is not enough just to put the text in the booking system for attracting ASAP users.

Challenge 3 – DMOs should provide easy availability and booking of tourist offers of their suppliers. This includes organizing their suppliers in order to list their offer online—on DMO’s web site, different web portals, public institution’s websites and tourist associations.

Challenge 4 – Not knowing how to promote a destination through online sales channels.

Niche tourism products are often linked to the destination and its characteristics; thus, every destination is unique. For instance, every destination offers different food tours based on local cuisine, different adventure tours based on its unique landscape and natural wonders.

Niche tourism development - Orioly - ebook

These unique traits are what adds value to your destination and what sets it apart from any other destination around the world. But this advantage is also a challenge. DMOs are then faced with the following question:

How to promote their destination’s uniqueness through the web and other online sales channels?

Find out in our “Destination Development Through Niche Tourism” eBook – download the eBook in the PDF format for free and enhance your destination’s niche products!

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