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Promote Tours and Activities with Amazing Visual Content

Travelers make decisions about new journeys while scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and watching YouTube! And, visual content is popping out from every social media app. And, promoting tours and activities has never been easier! 

Visual content is grabbing your customer’s attention far more than any other type of content. And, the first things what attracts them are beautiful photos and videos of places, fun activities, beaches, and cities.

Tour and activity operators have already learned how important social media is. And, in this article, you’ll discover how to include more visual content in your marketing strategy.

Attract Customers with Visual Content

Did you know that we only remember 10% of what we heard three days ago? But when we see the same thing, we’ll recall 65% of it three days after. Interesting, right?

While our verbal intelligence is dropping the visual one is rising. The scientists say that we only have about eight seconds to something else catches our attention. Think about it!  Make those seconds count!

New findings show that visuals are the most important type of content, beating out blogging for the top spot. Now, we are not suggesting to stop blogging, just to pay more attention to creating visuals.


Tour and activity operators need to know that people they are trying to reach on social media have their news feeds filled with posts from various brands! The majority of them get ignored and scrolled through. What is the consequence of this? It is becoming difficult to stand out. So, fight through the noise, post as much as fun and interactive photos, videos and similar entertaining visuals as you can! Pay attention to what kind of posts catch your eye and try to do the same! Share fun, freedom, activities, your existing customer photos, and videos (with their permission).

How can a tour or activity provider create engaging visuals without special skills?

Just because you’re on board with using visuals doesn’t mean that you nailed down the types of visual content that work the best.

According to a recent study:

  • original images such as infographics get the most engagement at 41.5%
  • data visualizations received 25.7% engagement
  • the remaining one-third of the content was split between videos and presentations (20.2%), stock photos (7.6%), and memes (5.0%).

Means, you should focus on visuals like infographic and use traveler generated photos from your tours and activities.

For infographics, you can use a free online tool like Canva. This tool enables you to create engaging Facebook posts, covers, posters, infographics in few easy steps. You can upload your photo, use a filter, add a text, charts or frames. Also, Canva provides templates for the infographic and other visuals. Refresh them with your logo and content. That way you can have a new visual content finished and ready to publish in 5 minutes.

Although, the stock photos are the easier way doesn’t mean this is the best way. Create and post visual content that would grab customers attention. Take eye-catching, creative photos of your tours and activities and of your customers.

How to make photos that stand out:

  • Find a good photo filter and use it consistently – filters can provide a sense of consistency across the visuals. A consistent filter could even make your posts more recognizable in social media. We were talking about grabbing customers attention, right? Try filters on Instagram, Canva, PicMonkey, and Snapseed.
  • Choose your color palette – set palette of colors, two to three, that determine your tour or activity brand.
  • Be consistent with fonts – consider how the colors and fonts that you choose portray your tours and activities. Use those colors and fonts and write funny or inspirational text on your photos. 

Remember, visual content is the way to increase your online bookings. With engaging and eye-catching photos customers would be intrigued about your tours and activities. So, drive that traffic to your website with a booking button on. 

use, traveler generated photos

Videos to Promote your Tours and Activities

78% of online audiences watch video broadcasts on Facebook Live and 80% would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post.

Customers are seeking for quality when it comes to YouTube or Facebook video. They don’t seek for perfection. A quality content with friendly touch is way better than professionally filmed and edited videos. 

For making better videos pay attention to:

  • Light – use natural light as much as you can. Early or late in the day is the optimal timing for filming. If you’re filming people during midday, seek for shade. To avoid grainy don’t shoot in the dark.
  • Sound – Car noise, people talking in the background, that is something you have to try to avoid.

Sure, you have to take a time to create a video. But, with live video, there’s no expectation of perfection. Viewers are likely to be more engaged with live video because they know that anything can happen when the camera is rolling live.

Tour and activity operators should “take the plunge” and give a live video a try. Here are a few creative ideas for live-streaming tours and activities:

  • Introduce a new tour and activity with “behind the scene” shots – it will be interesting for people to see what happens when you’re preparing for tours. Show them the faces behind the curtains, the people who orchestrate their memorable expariences! People like to see the human side of businesses! 
  • Ask your customers a feedback for a tour or activity – take out your phone out of your pocket and capture them talking about your tours while they’re still excited – right during the tours or activity you took them too!
  • Introduce your new tour guides – show their talents and let them tell some anecdotes from guided tours

Today’s online customers are overwhelmed with marketing messages on all social media channels. So, it is up to you to consistently create eye-catching, engaging content.

Connect your online booking software with your social media accounts. Then, you can schedule posts and tweets for future publication and have extra time for creating new visuals. 

Hope you find this article about visual content marketing useful. What types of visuals have you used in your social media marketing? What visuals have been most effective with your target audience? Can you do better?

Let me know, looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂
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