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Top Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Tour Business

Right now I am waiting for one of my favorite marketing gurus to go live on Facebook. That is “the thing” now. The best way to interact and engage with customers on social media. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, everybody uses Facebook Live so there is no obstacle not to use Facebook Live Video for tour business.

The video is rising, but not as much as live video. People spend 3x as long watching live video as they do native video content—and live videos receive up to ten times as many comments! Not only do users love watching live videos, but Facebook’s algorithm shows live video higher in your follower’s Newsfeed. 

Wondering what to share via live video? If you look at what other people share, you’ll find that there’s really no obstacles to what kind of content you can share via live video streaming.

To get you started, here are a few easy tips to use Facebook Live video for tour business.

Give your Tour Brand a Personal Touch

Sure, you have About us category on your website. Think of repurposing your About us content and share the story how and why you have started tour business with your followers in a more engaging way.

Tell your story, share your vision and show your passion for the tour business you’re running. Help your followers to see the face and hear the voice behind your tour business.

Don’t be salesy on your live videos. Think about connecting on an emotional level with your customers. When you establish an emotional connection, your followers will more likely show affection to your brand.

Behind the Scenes: Scenes of You Preparing your New Tour or Activity

You can also use Facebook Live video to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your tours and activities. Facebook Live videos are a great way to showcase all the hard work that goes into crafting your new tour or activity.

Introduce the people behind your tour company – owners, tour guides, marketing team and others. Consider providing a link during your video to take pre-booking and capitalize on your audience’s excitement.

share event with customers

Use Facebook Live video for Tour Business Events

Are you planning or attending any special event or a conference? Anything interesting and out of the ordinary going on can make a perfect Facebook Live story. This is also a very natural way to market similar upcoming paid events and retreats to potential customers.

Tell The Story Of Your Destination

Why is your destination special? What kind of adventure or sightseeing customers can experience while at your destination?
Take your followers on a live tour of your neighborhood, featuring your favorite cafes, restaurants, and shops. Stream any interesting cultural attractions or occasions going on. Think about what makes your location a one-of-a-kind destination.

destination story

Answer Customer FAQs

You might identify common questions that your team receives. Rather than answering the question, again and again, you can have a Facebook Live video session to answer one or more questions.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a video archive that you can share with your customer service team so everyone references the same materials.

Customers will love the human touch of your live video if it solves their problems. As for yourself, it will save you time and energy!

And what about you, do you use Facebook Live video for tour business? How did your followers react to your first few ones?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Or share it right here.

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